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Maximus is leveraging our government entitlement program experience associated with eligibility, work verification, workforce programs, enrollment, appeals, adjudication services, claims processing, call centers, and technology-enabled digital transformation functions to deliver UI services in a number of states and jurisdiction so that public needs can be more quickly and accurately met.

Maximus is providing support to several states including answering and responding to public inquiries via phone, chat, and e-mail, assisting the public with applications, helping clear up dirty (rejected) claims and assisting with the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). Maximus is also able to provide adjudications and ongoing weekly certification processes to improve the timeliness and to strengthen program integrity.

As volumes of unemployment insurance claims remain high and as states have the need for sustainable longer-term solutions, Maximus is further supporting and implementing digital solutions to provide self-service and automated interaction with legacy systems to increase service while decreasing the burden on state and contractor staff.

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