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Reimagine your state portal experience

What do consumers of government services expect when they engage online? And how can you transform your technology and operations to deliver it? Get our latest thinking on creating the best customer experience anywhere.

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Delivering personalized government services through a human-centered state portal

By putting the consumers’ expected outcomes at the core of their government interactions, state agencies can deliver a focused all-of-government experience that achieves greater efficiencies for employees and contributes to deeper trust and a more positive perception of state government among residents.

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Elevating state portals with a focus on consumers

In today's digital world, the best experience anywhere is the experience expected everywhere. Our solutions apply a people first approach to understand what drives consumers' needs and pain points, to ultimately help them achieve their goals. With GX by Maximus, governments can offer their residents and businesses the experience they expect.

Digital self-service that exceeds expectations

In our POV paper, you’ll see what’s needed to elevate today’s experience—and the urgency of doing so now. Applying our decades of customer engagement experience in state government, we’ll explore:

  • Why government experiences often come up short
  • How to deliver truly unified customer engagement, anticipate user needs, streamline submission of information, and reduce the time to achieve desired outcomes
  • The importance of human-centered design, omnichannel support, modular technology, AI and advanced analytics, and much more
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Rethinking CX for a better government experience

People interact with government agencies very differently than they do with the private sector. It’s time for a new type of government experience, powered by a transformative portal solution.

GX by Maximus provides the kind of simple, personalized experience offered by today’s leading consumer brands, while meeting the unique needs of government.

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