Embracing Mobile Enrollment

Over the past nine years, we’ve been implementing targeted innovations to support the evolution of health programs in Louisiana, offering a wide range of solutions to improve the beneficiary experience. Our efforts include expanded digital outreach, more self-service options, online enrollment counseling, improved program reporting and analytics, and dedicated support programs for at-risk populations.

Among the many engagement channels we operate, our multilingual Healthy Louisiana app reaches customers where they often are — on their phones — letting them compare and enroll in health plans, and search for and select providers.

Image of a senior man texting on smartphone

Services provided

  • Multi-lingual mobile application
  • Built-in tutorials, FAQs, and assistive technology
  • Ability to search providers by names, plans,
    supported languages, hospital affiliations, and geolocation mapping

Success achieved

  • 3x increase in mobile enrollment
  • 15k + mobile enrollments completed
  • 1,000 users per month use the app

Bridging the gap for beneficiaries


Louisiana was looking for a solution to improve the consumer experience by finding new ways to streamline access to digital information and services by creating easy-to-use self-service options to better engage Medicaid beneficiaries and more fully meet their healthcare needs.

As part of a concerted effort to make Medicaid enrollment and selection more straightforward, faster, and less costly, Maximus developed the Healthy Louisiana app — a custom-built eligibility and enrollment app for mobile devices.


Teaming up with Maximus as its trusted partner, the Louisiana Department of Health has taken a holistic approach to applicant service by adopting a multichannel strategy to advance the Department's mission. In keeping with our philosophy to serve customers on their preferred platforms, we designed and implemented the Healthy Louisiana mobile app, the first project of its kind in the country to enable Medicaid enrollment through an app.

The Healthy Louisiana mobile app provides a self-service option that anticipates user needs, reducing traffic to higher-cost enrollment channels. It includes:

  • Multilingual support: English or Spanish
  • Real-time data customized to the user, including beneficiary information and options
  • Easy plan comparisons with ratings by independent viewers
  • Simple provider searches by name, plans supported, languages, and hospital affiliations, plus geolocation and mapping
  • Multichannel integration encompassing the web, social media, email, and other tactics
  • Built-in tutorials, FAQs, and assistive technology

Our technology immediately raised the bar for beneficiaries, providing a secure, streamlined, 24/7 experience on Apple or Android. We keep improving it with new user-friendly avenues for finding information, comparing healthcare plans, enrolling, and getting assistance.


The app is just one of the dynamic solutions we’ve created for Healthy Louisiana, the state’s Medicaid-managed care program, to help exceed user expectations when accessing digital information.

The Healthy Louisiana app is available free of charge on Google Play and the Apple App Store. User ratings for the app have consistently outperformed platforms for interfacing with healthcare plans and providers. The HIPAA-compliant app features strong authentication and encryption to protect beneficiaries' Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Additionally, the app is multilingual and Section 508 compliant with built-in availability for assistive technology, ensuring accessibility for beneficiaries.

Maximus continuously supports the state's outreach strategy across the web, social media, email, and through a dedicated, purpose-built smartphone app. Updates to the application will roll out continuously, and iterative improvements based on user feedback and enrollment metrics will continue.