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Having an accurate current physical inventory is of paramount importance. Now that the COVID Pandemic is hopefully winding down, campuses, as well as students and staff, are returning to their campuses. Most institutions are catching up on their assets purchases, retirements, asset tagging, and the like, after approximately a three-year gap. Your Institutions Asset Management of all asset categories, Campus Infrastructure, Land, Buildings, Equipment, and the like, represent one of the largest investments on your Institutions balance sheet. We will discuss the importance of having an accurate inventory and the various purposes that it serves, such as Financial Reporting, Asset Control, Insurance Support in the event of a catastrophic loss, availably to screen for like assets in the event another department can use/borrow another departments assets, and the like. Lastly, we will be discussing asset tracking and tagging technology, such as traditional barcode tagging, and RFID asset tagging.

Click here for a recording of the webinar.

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