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Date: TBD, April 2025 

About this Workshop

This introductory virtual workshop provides an overview of the requirements under the OMB "Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards" (2 CFR Part 200) for preparing the Long Form F&A cost rate proposal. The virtual workshop will give cost accountants, cost analysis managers, administrators for research and sponsored projects, controllers, budget directors, and internal and external auditors a working knowledge and better understanding of the F&A rate development process. Interactive exercises and reference to a simplified rate proposal offer hands-on practice to participants. This course incorporates the most up-to-date information on 2 CFR Part 200, also known as “Uniform Guidance”, and discusses the impact of these vital changes.

These are the learning objectives for this workshop:

  • To understand what cost allocation means
  • To acquire a basic understanding of the F&A cost rate development and negotiation process
  • To be able to identify what types of costs belong in the standard cost groupings
  • To acquire a basic understanding of the F&A space survey process
  • To be able to identify the portions of 2 CFR 200 that pertain to the F&A cost rates for Institutions of Higher Education

Participants may receive up to 16 CPE credits for attending this workshop.