Facilities & Administrative Consulting & Software

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Providing consulting services and leading software to help you navigate the F&A process

Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Consulting and Software

MAXIMUS can help you navigate the complicated F&A process using our industry-leading software and consulting services. We can help you develop rate proposals, negotiate rates and conduct comprehensive space surveys that put your institution in position to maximize F&A rates and recovery dollars, while ensuring compliance with the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200) and applicable federal regulations.

F & A Services


Comprehensive Rate Information System (CRIS)


WebSpace -- Inventory and Survey System


Other Consulting Services

  • Consistent Costing Analysis
  • CRIS Training and Combined Circulars Training- including the new OMB Uniform Guidance
  • DS-2 Development and Review
  • Effort Reporting Compliance
  • Fringe Rate Calculation
  • Recharge Center Rate Setting
  • Revenue Maximization Review
  • Specialized Service Facilities and Service Center Reviews