Maximus Ventures

Investing in creative problem-solvers like you

We are looking for innovative startups from Seed to Series C that share our forward-thinking vision for government. Together, we can challenge the status quo, develop transformative solutions, solve complex problems, and reimagine the future of government.

Partnerships with funding and so much more

Maximus invests in portfolio companies where potential exists to drive joint sales and product development or where innovative technology developed for commercial markets can be applied to government. We provide these partners with our strategic and technical support, as well as access to our extensive network of government healthcare and civilian clients and contract vehicles.

  • 39 federal departments and agencies
  • 50 states, plus DC
  • 7 countries

Solutions for the new realities of government

Change is everywhere. Natural disasters are bigger. Costs are rising. Populations are aging. Substance abuse is increasing. And legislation is evolving. In today’s rapidly changing world, we empower governments to respond to complex challenges with greater urgency and impact. To equip the world for what lies ahead, Maximus is helping government reimagine its role in the following ways:

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1. Advancing the health of communities and families

We continue to expand our partnerships with health and human services programs to transform clinical care and rebuild the public health system.

  • 6,500 clinicians serving Veterans with 99% satisfaction rates
  • 1.45 million assessments annually in 16 states for child services, disability, long-term care, and more
  • Apply advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning as well as best practices to reimagine how scarce health resources and expertise are made more readily accessible to people

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2. Elevating every customer service interaction

A customer-centric experience is key to earning public trust. We put people first with an omnichannel approach that’s both digitally enabled and human.

  • Nation's largest citizen engagement provider
  • 68.4 million calls answered in 2022
  • Serving tens of millions Medicare beneficiaries

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3. Accelerating modernization in a changing world

Our technology leadership is enabling governments to make their programs more resilient and fraud-resistant, as well as more dynamic, integrated, and accessible to all.

  • Top 5 systems integrator to the Federal government
  • 3 powerful FedRAMP solutions built in-house
  • Use AI and Advanced technologies to support urgent immigrant relocation services for over 8 million applicants per year
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