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To meet the needs of a rapidly changing world, government agencies are rethinking how services are delivered to better address the challenges individuals and communities face. We're helping to accelerate that transformation and move people forward.

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Moving to a state-based marketplace

Many states are considering their own health insurance marketplace. Maximus can help you make a successful transition.

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Our state and local government expertise spans the full spectrum of health and human services, delivering client-focused innovation, operational excellence, and people-first design.

What we do

Today as always, we are dedicated to helping agencies create better outcomes for the individuals and families they serve. That’s why we work tirelessly to ensure the programs we support are as easy to understand and navigate as possible. In tandem with omnichannel customer care, we empower people to access services based on their individual preferences and abilities.

Why we’re unique

With nearly 50 years of experience, our government expertise across the health and human services ecosystem means we are uniquely poised to help your agency make a difference as the focus shifts from transactions to outcomes, from call center to customer care, from interaction to engagement, and from reports to actionable insights.

Who we support

We are the go-to partner for agencies of all sizes nationwide. We provide independent, conflict-free support services for a variety of government programs, including Medicaid, clinical services, provider management, SNAP/TANF employment and training, child support, unemployment insurance, and disability benefits.

Rethinking the customer experience to create a better government experience

People interact with government agencies very differently than they do with the private sector. Build on today’s typical customer experience to create a better government experience.

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Delivering success for state and local agencies

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Are you ready for what's next?

Disruptive change will be the norm for governments in the foreseeable future – and governments will be called upon to respond to each with speed and agility. With Maximus, your agency can be ready to perform at the speed of human need.

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