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Making an Impact

Making an Impact is a collection of profiles introducing some of our best and brightest leaders — individuals who are making tremendous impacts in the government sectors we serve.

Uriia Underhill

Having an immense passion for public health and serving communities in need, Uriia Underhill draws from her childhood experience of watching loved ones face health challenges. She is an expert in public health program design and implementation. She shares her journey and what inspires her work.

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Jen Sieminski

A passionate advocate of individual rights and social justice, Jen has 20 years of experience supporting individuals dealing with a range of developmental challenges and as an engaging speaker/trainer on mental health issues. She shares her insights on aligning clinical service processes with the needs of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

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Brian Shea

Drawing on over four decades of experience in child support and technology consulting, Brian shares insights on how governments can improve services to citizens, the importance of trust in client relationships, and why he’s still energized by the work.

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Emily Isaacs

From caring middle schooler to a career focused on helping others. Emily shares her story of how she has taken a personal passion for helping others and transformed it into helping state agencies affect change on the program and policy level.

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Kari Ortiz

Kari Ortiz reveals what inspires her and how she takes life challenges and turns them into opportunities.

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Joi Shaw

Joi took a moment to share her story about her strong desire to help others, making a swift pivot to telehealth during COVID-19, and insights into how she remains balanced during these uncertain times.

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Meshia Henderson

On a recent Skype call with Meshia from her Indianapolis office, we asked her to share her special formula for team building, the attributes and elements that empowered her career growth, and what motivates her to help others overcome barriers and achieve their goals.

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Laura Parsons

We caught up with Laura to discuss lessons she's learned professionally and her advice on finding work-life balance and staying productive through times of stress.

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Michelle Paiz

Michelle took some time to discuss her career at Maximus and what advice she has for future leaders.

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Michelle L. Laisure

We sat down with Michelle to learn more about her passion to work with persons with disabilities, overcoming project challenges, and her unique approach to leadership and mentorship.

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Kelly Blaschke Treharne

We sat down with Kelly to learn more about her approaches to leadership, helping government programs get better results, and building strong teams that deliver outstanding outcomes.

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Tracie Hinds

We caught up with Tracie at her office in Boise to talk about the strategies that have helped advance her career, people who’ve inspired her, and her secret to building successful teams that can reliably produce outstanding outcomes — even in challenging times.

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Awilda Martinez

Awilda took a moment to share with us how her Maximus journey began over two decades ago, what inspired her life in public service work, and her advice for balancing professional and personal priorities.

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