Recruit and retain qualified workers, leverage tax credits

Through the government programs we manage, we match job seekers to employers in a wide range of industries. Let us find the right people for your openings. Take advantage of substantial tax incentives while gaining access to a more diverse pool of candidates.

Tangible benefits for employers


maximum tax credit for each individual hired from a specific targeted group


individuals prepared for high-demand, sector-based jobs each year

$1 billion +

captured in tax credits on behalf of our clients

Expand the pool of qualified workers available to you

Finding qualified, dependable employees is one of the greatest challenges employers face. We can help. In partnership with government workforce programs, we connect you with candidates who have the skills and motivation to succeed in the jobs you need to fill today — and at no cost to you. Additionally, we can help you reach traditionally overlooked populations, such older workers, long-term welfare recipients and the disabled — tapping into a whole new level of skills, dedication and diversity.

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job seekers prepared for work around the world annually

Take advantage of significant tax credits

Here’s another great incentive to hire from targeted populations such as the long-term unemployed or TANF recipients: you can take advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, plus other state and local incentives. Our solution helps you easily identify and process eligible new hires so you can maximize your tax credit.

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6 million applicants

screened annually for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program

Streamline reporting of newly hired employees

The task of processing newly hired employees can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. We can ensure your documentation is accurate and compliant with federal requirements, saving you time and frustration. And we can reduce your risk of financial penalties or ineligibility for government contracts.

Electronic I-9 management

Combining two decades of I-9 experience with the latest paperless technology, we are the industry leader in I-9 processing and verification. Our simple, effective services let you verify new hire information in minutes and sign forms electronically.

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As a certified E-Verify Designated Agent, we have integrated our Electronic I-9 Management services with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services E-Verify program, assisting employers with various federal and state regulations requiring E-Verify participation.

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New hire reporting

We operate new hire reporting programs for numerous state child support agencies. We make reporting easier for employers by offering comprehensive, end-to-end support for complying with state new hire, income withholding order (IWO) and national medical support notice (NMSN) requirements.

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Improve job retention

To help ensure ongoing success of employees we place with you through our partnership with government workforce programs, we provide an array of retention services such as one-on-one case management, job counseling, and occupational health and wellness for older workers. Our goal is to provide continued support and coaching while eliminating obstacles in an individual's career path.

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90-day retention rate achieved, earning us the designation “Vendor with the Highest Retention Rate” by DC DHS

Image of employees in a meeting