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Maximus TXM is an industry-leading solution for federal agencies that improves CX by integrating emerging technologies and human-centered design principles

We've announced the launch of Maximus Total Experience Management (TXM), an integrated solution designed to help federal agencies deliver trusted information and government services simply, consistently, and securely. This new solution seamlessly integrates people, experience, data insights, and secure technologies into one digitally powered platform to reimagine government service delivery.

Maximus TXM provides federal agencies with cutting-edge tools that will improve the customer experience in one comprehensive solution with FedRAMP-authorized technologies. This new solution is the innovative contact center of the future, delivering CX-as-a-service (CXaaS) through a suite of strategic methodologies, best practices, and advanced tools. Maximus TXM has delivered exceptional successes for our clients. Individual federal agencies have already seen $26M in reduced onboarding costs, 27% improvement in quality scores within the first six weeks, and 198% reduction in employee turnover.

Maximus TXM is designed with cloud-based modular, flexible, and scalable technology to create an unmatched digital contact center solution for federal agency leaders. It integrates cloud-based platforms for communications, customer and employee-centric strategies, and a host of microservices, such as AI-enabled web services, chat bots, and the Maximus Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA). Additionally, this solution provides key services to enable agency leaders to attract, hire, train, and empower employees who interact and represent their agency to the public. Maximus has a proven track record of achieving exceptional customer satisfaction results in government programs. Maximus TXM provides the ability to optimize operations for continuous program improvement using data-driven insights, all within a government-focused FedRAMP-compliant environment.

“At Maximus, we’re passionate about delivering government services that positively impact lives to make connections easier and services more accessible,” said Joe Jeter, Senior Managing Director, Federal Technology, Maximus. “The Maximus team developed this solution in collaboration with our agency and technology partners and we anticipate several early adopters. Maximus TXM gives leaders a powerful new tool they require to improve the total customer experience by transforming the delivery of services for millions of people.”

Federal technology leaders can see a demonstration of Maximus TXM during the Salesforce World Tour event in Washington, D.C. The backbone of the Maximus solution is built on the powerful tools of Salesforce and other technology partners. “We appreciate our partnership with Maximus and integrating our latest solutions into Maximus TXM to offer an elevated customer experience,” said Mia Jordan, Digital Transformation Executive, Public Sector, Salesforce.

“We designed Maximus TXM to apply customer experience methodologies and innovation to ensure long-term success for our federal agency partners, and we did so by understanding how our customers and employees engage through technology,” said MaryAnn Monroe, Vice President, Total Experience, Maximus. “Agency leaders will have the freedom to implement it for their specific needs while supporting their technology architecture with agile deployment. Maximus TXM can be right sized to meet long-term and short-term needs through an architecture that works with multiple software solutions.”

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