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This presentation delves into the dynamic synergy between Research Development (RD) and Faculty Development (FD) in an academic setting. By exploring the intricate relationship between these two vital components, participants will gain insights into how you, as a research professional, can help shape a thriving academic institution with the end goal of growing your university's research dollars.

Everyone has been tasked to grow research. Regardless of the size of your university, this presentation gives you ideas on how to strategically grow research.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identifying potential roadblocks to RD and FD efforts.
  • Showcasing how FD can enhance and improve faculty performance; positively impacting research outcomes.
  • Illustrating how RD supports faculty in securing new funding and resources.
  • Discussing how faculty engagement in research can lead to pedagogical advancements.
  • Highlighting indicators of enhanced faculty performance and research productivity.

Click here for a recording of the Webinar.


Download the slides from webinar