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Image of Maximus volunteers at visited Helping Hand Home
On September 2, Maximus representatives visited Helping Hand Home, a recent Maximus Foundation grantee and residential childcare agency serving Travis County. From left, Alex Martin, Sr. Capture Analyst, Byron French, Vice President, Jule Ruiz, Sr. Finance Director, Judy Shoenfelder, Outreach Manager, Curtis Thames, Manager, Gisella Rogers, Director

Several Maximus employees got some first-hand perspective of the Maximus Foundation's positive impacts on one local nonprofit in Austin, Texas.

The Maximus Foundation, an employee-led nonprofit, supports other frontline nonprofit organizations and causes around the country, specifically in the communities Maximus serves.

On September 2, Maximus representatives visited Helping Hand Home (HHH), a recent Maximus Foundation grantee and residential childcare agency serving Travis County. HHH provides a haven for around 60 children healing from physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and abandonment.

Many children come to the facility with sensory issues due to the trauma and abuse they endured before being brought to HHH. They receive personalized, therapeutic care to help them overcome the trauma they experienced.

As one of the Maximus Foundation’s 2022 grant recipients, local Maximus employees had the opportunity to engage with the organization, said Byron French, Maximus Foundation board member and a vice president in Maximus’ Health Services Division.

“We have a number of Maximus staff in the Austin area working on different projects and we were invited to take the tour and learn more about what Helping Hand Home does,” he said. “HHH supports children in the foster care system and prepares them for adoption or kinship placements. HHH works to rehabilitate children in their care and give them as much a normal life for a child as they can – and they have been very successful in what they do.”

Jule Ruiz, a senior finance director in the Health Services Division who toured the home, said organizations like Helping Hand Home serve a great purpose in the communities where Maximus operates.

“Helping those in need is what Maximus represents,” she said. “I was surprised to learn the amount of funding required to help even a few children can be a lot. It was wonderful to see so many dedicated people working passionately to help children.”

Gisella Rogers, Director of Quality Assurance in Human Services, agreed and added it was powerful for the group to learn about the home and the impact that donations and grants from donors like the Maximus Foundation have on organizations.

“These children and caregivers are members of our community,” she said. “It takes a village to raise a child, and it couldn’t be more true in this instance. The work this organization does is amazing. Every child deserves a chance and Helping Hand Home provides that to children who have experienced some of the worst trauma imaginable.”

Giving back to the communities we serve

The Maximus Foundation is one of the ways our employees are doing something greater together. Established by the Maximus Board of Directors in 2000, the Maximus Foundation is an independent, employee-led, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Employee donors pool their contributions together through the Foundation, increasing their collective impact on the communities in which we live and serve. Employees double their impact through Maximus’ dollar-for-dollar matching pledge, and participating employees make their voices heard by nominating and voting for future grantee partners. Learn more at