Timely, accurate, conflict-free screenings and evaluations

As assessment and administrative specialists, we help individuals with complex needs to receive government-sponsored care and supports necessary to improve their quality of life.

Implications of a rapidly aging population

80% increase

in individuals 65 and older by 2030

11.7 million

people concurrently enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid in 2016


of people who turn 65 today will develop a severe disability that will require Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) as they age

Helping government respond to growing demand for assessments

We offer proven solutions that enable your program to stand up to the needs and expectations of vulnerable populations while ensuring compliance with applicable regulations.

Person-centered assessments

We treat people with respect and empathy through our delivery of prompt, accurate and unbiased results. We focus on the individuals’ needs and best options for improving their quality of life. After all, assessments shouldn't be a source of frustration to vulnerable individuals and their families.

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Expertise that makes us a trusted partner to government

We combine assessment subject matter expertise with years of success implementing large-scale, independent, quality assessment services. Maximus partners with states to perform these assessments with conflict-free accuracy to satisfy Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations.

Technology that streamlines

We design intuitive, responsive systems for states that streamlines complex workflows using cutting-edge technology and web-based solutions.

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Independent, specialized assessments and data management tools

We serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, behavioral health diagnoses, and complex physical or medical conditions by helping them receive essential services and supports through prompt, accurate, reliable assessment services.

Experience that spans populations and programs

We perform more than 1.5 million assessments per year in the United States and the United Kingdom. 

More than simply informing eligibility decisions about benefits, assessments are powerful tools for understanding and successfully addressing the needs and expectations of individual participants. In fact, assessments are integral to the workforce programs we operate because they inform and enable us to create person- and family-centered career plans that offer hard-to-place job seekers greater opportunities for success. 

We have the expertise and experience to deliver large-scale assessment programs that also ensure quality, timely and respectful service is delivered and that the needs of vulnerable individuals are met.