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With 90% of Americans owning a smartphone, the digital divide over mobile device use is closing.[1] From mobile banking deposits to auto insurance claims, people are accustomed to using smartphones to manage documents and complete tasks. As states improve the consumer experience within their health insurance enrollment process, mobile technology advancements help them better meet consumers’ expectations and needs.


For many New Yorkers seeking access to health insurance through the state’s health plan marketplace, NY State of Health (NYSOH), and the thousands of in-person assistors helping them enroll, the process of submitting required documentation was cumbersome and time-consuming. The methods offered — mail, fax, and computer upload — contributed to enrollment delays. Additionally, the lack of a mobile option during the eligibility determination process posed a significant barrier for people who rely on their phones for internet access — accounting for fully 15% of U.S. adults who have smartphones but not home internet service.[2]


To streamline the eligibility and enrollment process, Maximus designed and implemented the NYSOH Mobile Upload App. Once launched, it allowed consumers, and later in-person assistors, to complete the application in one visit. Today, the app allows people to take pictures of required documents using their smartphone or tablet, then submit them securely through the app. This digital document submission streamlines the eligibility determination process while also keeping information secure by automatically deleting all data and images after review.

How we did it

Working in close partnership with NYSOH, we started by identifying the specific challenges consumers and assistors faced during the document submission phase of health insurance enrollment. While considering consumers’ heavy usage of and preference for mobile technology to help manage many aspects of their lives, and the ability for in-person assistors to use this technology to help consumers complete their application, we brought it all together in a mobile self-service solution.

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The NYSOH Mobile Upload App features:

  • Edge detection and auto-capture functionality for consumers to take clear pictures of required documents easily and for program eligibility team members to view high-quality document uploads
  • A secure process where the data and images consumers transmit through the app are automatically deleted after use
  • The ability for consumers to receive SMS notifications to digitally track their submissions through the eligibility determination process
  • Frequently asked questions and tutorial screens for ease of use


Six months after launch, the app surpassed mail submissions to become the leading channel for consumers and more than 7,000 assistors statewide to upload required documents. Keeping the customer experience at the forefront of our efforts, we continue to make improvements and enhancements regularly.

"Our goal was always clear: to make the health insurance documentation process straightforward and accessible. The NYSOH Mobile Upload App shows our commitment to serving the needs of New Yorkers, understanding their challenges, and responding with practical, award-winning digital solutions."

— Ferdinand Morales, Senior Managing Director, Maximus

By eliminating the need to send documents through the mail, both consumers and assistors can quickly upload the documents needed for identity verification. The app also provides consumers with updates in English or Spanish regarding the status of their eligibility and enrollment; pushes out notifications when they enter a renewal cycle or if new documentation needs to be submitted; and prompts them to update their address as needed.

Today, the app provides approximately 7 million New Yorkers with self-service options to understand and manage their health coverage. It’s enabled faster access to insurance benefits, making health services more accessible, especially for those with limited access to broadband internet. And as we continue to make improvements to the app, its functionalities also evolve.

The Maximus difference

We develop digital government solutions, like the NYSOH Mobile Upload App, that exceed expectations for modernizing access to government-sponsored health programs. The success of the NYSOH Mobile Upload App showcases the tangible benefits of digital transformation in public service delivery, ensuring that essential health coverage is accessible to all New Yorkers in a timely and secure manner.