Government Relations

Maximus engages in the bi-partisan political process at the U.S. federal, state, and local levels in order to better understand our government clients’ long-term goals and advance the Company’s business objectives.

As a government contractor, Maximus believes it is essential to listen and educate policymakers, legislators, and executive branch leadership about the positive and negative impacts that pending public policy actions can have on the government’s goals. We built a network of business consultants and lobbyists that support our marketing, business development, and capture efforts as we continue to seek new opportunities helping government serve the people.

Maximus is guided by the principles of our Standards for Business Conduct and Ethics.


Maximus political activities are overseen by the Board of Directors’ Nominating and Governance Committee, which reviews the political activities of the Company and the Maximus Political Action Committee on a quarterly basis, with respect to:

  1. Compliance with U.S. laws and Company policies pertaining to political contributions,
  2. Political activities and contributions of the Maximus Political Action Committee,
  3. Significant lobbying priorities and related expenditures in the U.S. and,
  4. Expenditures relating to the Company's principal U.S. trade associations.

This disclosure can be found in their Charter.

The full Board of Directors conducts an annual review of related activity with senior leadership. Information on expenditures is available to Board members upon request at any time. The Nominating and Governance Committee meets annually with the Senior Vice President of Government Relations to review the upcoming strategic plan for the following year. Additionally, prior to final determination, we seek independent, third-party review of related political expenditures from a reputable law firm.

Our Senior Vice President of Government Relations oversees all related political activity. Moreover, these expenditures are reviewed quarterly with the segment general managers, the business development and capture leads, and the head of communications to ensure the proper business objectives are continuing to be met.

The Company’s authority matrix provides specific guidance on the required review and approval process for all lobbying and business consultant expenditures and initiatives. The Senior Vice President of Government Relations and the Chief Executive Officer must approve all lobbying and business consultant expeditors, following each quarterly review by the Business Segments. 

These policies and procedures ensure appropriate oversight for all government relations activities and budgeting.

Maximus Political Action Committee

The Maximus Political Action Committee (PAC) is a separate, segregated fund comprised of employee voluntary contributions used to support candidates for government office. All contributions made by the Maximus PAC are done so in a bi-partisan manner. Participation in the Maximus PAC is restricted and adheres to Federal Elections Commission (FEC) regulations.

In accordance with federal law, all Maximus PAC contributions are reported on the Federal Election Commission website. No in-kind contributions were made. All political contributions were made within the United States.


Maximus participates in industry associations and interacts with various stakeholders throughout government in an effort to better understand our government clients’ long-term goals and advance the Company’s business objectives. These communications are regulated by federal, state, and local laws.

Contributions to officeholders and candidates are bipartisan and based on several criteria: policy positions that reflect the Company’s interests; representation of geographic areas where Maximus employees and facilities are located; and relevant legislative committee assignments. The private political preferences of Maximus executives do not play a role in how corporate political funds are spent.

In compliance with the Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA), the Company’s lobbying activities and expenses, as defined by Section 162(e) of the Internal Revenue Code, are disclosed to the U.S. Congress on a quarterly basis. Our latest federal lobbying disclosure filings can be found on the U.S. Senate Office of Public Records website, the U.S. House of Representatives Office of the Clerk website, and the Lobbying and Disclosure Act (LDA) database

The company files compliance reports with state and local agencies reflecting lobbying activities regulated by relevant state and local laws as required.

Trade Association Membership

Maximus is a member of trade associations that align with our business objectives. Maximus discloses the political organizations to which Maximus provides $60,000 or more in annual support here. The Nominating and Governance Committee of the Maximus Board of Directors reviews memberships and expenditures quarterly.