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A new approach to clinical assessments

State long-term care programs continue to confront extraordinary challenges to ensure essential services remain accessible to vulnerable populations, including individuals with complex health conditions. As a leading provider of independent and specialized health assessments, Maximus is dedicated to connecting beneficiaries to the care they need. During these difficult times, we are working with our state partners to deliver virtual and conflict-free assessments that maintain safe distancing protocols and HIPAA compliance.

Join our special sessions during HCBS

In these sessions you'll hear from our industry experts and co-presenters about what state programs are doing to modernize care services, while ensuring the health and safety of beneficiaries.

Telehealth’s About Face: Pivoting People, Processes, and Policy During a Global Pandemic

Wednesday, December 9 | 2:35 p.m. to 3:35 p.m.

States faced an unexpected challenge at the onset COVID-19: how to provide medical disability and behavioral health waiver assessments to vulnerable populations safely and securely during a global pandemic. This session will highlight how states like Tennessee rapidly responded to COVID-19 by adopting new processes to transition from in-person assessments to delivering “socially distant” virtual assessments based on the equipment available to the individuals served. Learn how states maintained services to beneficiaries while remaining fully compliant with policies still catching up to the “next normal”.


Joi Shaw, Senior Operations Director, Maximus
Kristeena Wilson, Assistant Deputy Chief of LTSS, Operations, Tennessee Division of TennCare
Timothy “Bo” Hickman, Deputy Director of Intake and Case Management, Tennessee, Department of Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities 

The Power of the “Human Touch”: Improving Population Health with Human- Assisted Technology

Wednesday, December 9 | 4:35 p.m. to 5:35 p.m.

Chronic conditions are increasing globally, but technology alone is not the solution. With technology at our fingertips, we should not overlook the importance of the “human touch.” This session will address how maintaining human interaction through a digital medium improves health outcomes. Examples will be discussed that demonstrate how effective collaboration is achieved when digitally including the extended circle of care with a patient, family and friends, coach, and clinicians. Emphasis will be placed on the supportive role of a health coach/navigator to supplement the clinical management of health and wellness of participants. 

Nancy Shanley, Vice President of Consulting and Policy Analysis, Clinical Services, Maximus

Dr. Michael Weiner, Chief Medical Officer, Maximus
Dr. Noah Wayne, Director of Clinical Health, NexJ Health 

Meet our Maximus team

Nancy Shanley

Vice President, Consulting & Policy Analysis

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Joi Shaw, LBSW, MSM

Senior Director, Operations

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Michael S. Weiner DO MSM MSIST

Chief Medical Officer

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Delivering innovative program outcomes

Maximus delivers proven strategies to help states ensure the best outcomes for their beneficiaries. We utilize our decades of expertise in reaching, engaging and informing dynamic populations about their health options – partnered with innovative technology and advanced process management solutions – to enable states to achieve their program goals efficiently and effectively.

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