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November 14-16 | Visit booth #13

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PHE Unwinding: moving forward together

State and federal agencies continue to navigate an unchartered Medicaid landscape following the pandemic. With unwinding the public health emergency, agencies must tackle unprecedented challenges to ensure essential services remain accessible to vulnerable populations — while attempting to keep a keen oversight on program integrity.

Stay one step ahead by thoughtfully pivoting critical resources, reassessing internal processes, and designing a longer-term strategy to meet the needs of the new normal. GX by Maximus can help you achieve your program goals.

Let’s talk about unwinding the public health emergency
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Transforming the government experience

Consumers expect the same kind of engagement they receive from the world’s leading consumer brands — fast, seamless, and personalized. To meet these expectations, governments must transform their technology and operations to reimagine the customer experience. GX by Maximus can help you stay one step ahead by reinventing the government experience.

Reimagining customer engagement

Maximus is helping state agencies keep pace with the rising expectations of consumers and employers while improving the customer experience and engagement across government programs. GX by Maximus is reinventing the government experience.

Rethinking CX to create a better government experience

People interact with government agencies very differently than they do with the private sector. Build on today’s typical customer experience to create a better government experience.

GX and Service Delivery

Consumers needing government services shouldn’t have to explain their needs and provide the same information to multiple state agencies. GX by Maximus is a new kind of service delivery that combines service design, engagement, and measurement to deliver better outcomes.

How we help

Now more than ever, the public is relying on government programs to recover from life’s challenges. Our GX approach focuses on streamlining and enhancing the beneficiary's journey throughout Medicaid to improve health outcomes and achieve program efficiencies. We offer clients insight and guidance to improve program performance continuously.

What we do

Engagement is the key to positive outcomes. We provide omnichannel, culturally appropriate, and accessible resources to drive self-service and enable beneficiaries to make better health decisions. Our proven methods for effective customer engagement combine technology with the human touch.

Why we're unique

Our GX services to states span the health and human services ecosystem, from eligibility and enrollment all the way through getting them back to work. As your trusted partner, we are uniquely poised to make a difference as states shift their focus from transactions to outcomes, from call center to customer care, from interaction to engagement, and from reports to actionable insights.

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Senior Vice President, Business Development, Market Strategy, and Growth

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Vice President, MES Solutions

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Vice President, East U.S. Lead

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Senior Vice President, U.S. Services

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