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System Modernization Resources

Finding hidden opportunities

During every tech implementation, there are opportunities to improve ancillary systems that support program staff and improve end-user experiences.

Value of a trusted advisor

A trusted advisor can help you avoid common pitfalls that lead to modernization failure and provide reality checks when you're not sure if you've made the correct decision. Find an expert and ally in Maximus to guide and support you at every turn.

Bridging tech/program divide

Translating program needs into technical requirements is a difficult task if you don't have expertise in both worlds. Demonstrating the benefits of program-centric thinking is an important first step to bridging the divide.

Driven by human impact

Program staff are dedicated to helping the people they serve. Your support vendors should understand this and be driven by your program’s vision and a commitment to helping the families and communities that rely on those services. Maximus staff are driven by the ability to make a human impact – leveraging our expertise and capabilities to make your agency’s vision reality.

Lives not paperwork

System modernization allows critical program staff to focus on service delivery and customer service rather than manual tasks or paperwork. Help your program to be successful by automating manual tasks and focusing on customer engagement.

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Receive actionable answers to your questions that provide immediate impact to your program during any phase of modernization.

Have you (or your team) asked yourself these tough questions?

  • I just became project director, what should my top priorities be?
  • How do I get my tech vendor to actually build what I asked for?
  • What process improvements will make the most impact given my budget?
  • My new technology platform didn't improve the staff or user experience, can anything be done?
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We've been in your shoes.
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​​Do any of these apply to you?

  • You feel alone because everyone is willing to let you take the fall if the project is not successful.
  • You feel unprepared because you've never managed a modernization project before.
  • You're frustrated because tech vendors keep pushing services you don't need.

We have solutions to these problems.

With Maximus you'll get:

  • A clear roadmap to success
  • Technical requirements that provide tangible business improvements while meeting federal regulations
  • Conflict resolution for the human barriers that slow progress

More resources to guide you

Program modernization consulting services

Modernization efforts are complex, with multiple steps and decisions. Clients need a trusted partner who can guide them through the modernization journey ─ answering questions, providing advice and guidance, and offering lessons learned from a wide variety of similar projects. Maximus consulting and advisory services provide clients with help and support throughout the modernization process regardless of where they are in the effort.

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Former project director insights

Modernization can be overwhelming. Discover how former project directors navigated tackling the three largest problems that prevent modernization success.

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Replatforming opportunities

Many states miss opportunities to receive tangible benefits during system replatforming projects. This white paper examines where opportunities are found.

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