Veteran Spotlight | Michael Trinidad Sr.

Army veteran, team player will get the job done

Michael Trinidad Sr., U.S. Army

Michael Trinidad Sr. said the gift of “seeing the whole picture” helped him execute various networking and configuration tasks in his previous jobs at DIRECTV, Dish Network, and in his current Maximus role as a facilities technician. He handles most work orders submitted for building maintenance, workstation issues, and general repairs.

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“In my own world, I see the big picture of how everything works,” he said. “I have to look at it sideways, upside down, and backward. I see where you're going and how you want it done.”

Trinidad has a history of relaying important information in a sensitive manner, which he applies when communicating with vendors at Maximus. During his Army career, he served as a multichannel communicator radio operator in the 25th Signal Corps Company B. He had access to high-security areas, where he had the rare opportunity to tune his own radios. He was also ordered to attend high-level briefings and solve problems before they escalated in the field.

Trinidad developed the ability to handle a variety of duties dealt to him, which he finds applicable to his current role. He is focused on finishing the job, even if completing a task is not directly related to his role.

“I've always managed to be right in the middle of things, and if nobody wants to take care of it, then I will take care of it just so the job and the mission can be completed,” he said. “The mission comes first.”

Trinidad has no problem handling a variety of unexpected duties. For example, after leaving active duty, Trinidad joined the 133rd Field Artillery Regiment in the Texas Army National Guard and was assigned to be a light mechanic. However, he ended up being the captain’s driver instead, sometimes driving in dangerous conditions.

Now, in addition to his facility management duties, Trinidad is also a backup administrator to Maximus’ intranet site and has volunteered to be a co-lead for the new Veterans Alliance of Individuals, Family, and Friends employee resource group (ERG), expected to launch in 2022.

“I do see a lot of people in the ERG who are managers, coordinators, and HR communicators,” he said. “To me, this is a great opportunity to talk with others and learn little bits of their job so I can understand the global picture of Maximus, how I fit into that, and how I can continue to help Maximus grow in the direction that they want to grow.”

Trinidad is excited to contribute to his Maximus role and help lead the ERG.

“Maximus is a good company to work for because everybody looks out for everybody.”

Image of Michael Trinidad Sr


Pictured: Michael Trinidad’s father.
Trinidad is proud to be a fourth-generation military family member.