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Consumers expect the same kind of engagement they receive from the world’s leading consumer brands — in other words, fast, seamless, and personalized. To meet these expectations, governments must transform their technology and operations to reimagine the customer experience. Partnering with Maximus can help you stay one step ahead.

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Enhancing service delivery

Consumers needing government services shouldn't have to provide the same information to multiple state agencies. We help you better understand their needs, engage more meaningfully, and deliver better outcomes.

Adapting CX for government

There are key differences in how people interact with government versus the private sector. See how we build on the best of CX to increase efficiency, trust, and access.

Creating a human-centered state portal

To increase self-service among consumers, it’s essential to deliver leading-edge digital tools that make the experience less fragmented and more personalized.

Leveraging data to move people forward

Turn data into actionable insights that improves the service people receive. Our solutions employ safe and secure data to help government programs deliver on their mission.

Reimagine the ultimate government-customer experience

Maximus is creating a new vision for customer engagement that leverages human insight, domain expertise, and agility. Learn how we're helping governments deliver effortless, satisfying experiences to the public they serve.

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Reinventing how government delivers an enhanced customer experience

Leveraging the latest tech innovations, we help federal, state, and local government agencies deliver a full spectrum of services. Our approach delivers a customer experience that is fast, seamless, and personalized, matching the engagement expectations of global consumer brands.


Our people-first approach is at the core of how we help government enhance the customer journey. We go beyond transactions, using automated, self-service tools to build relationships to better serve people when, where, and how they want.

Unmatched expertise

When it's time to transform your agency operations, having an experienced partner makes all the difference. For more than 40 years, we have been driving innovation in government to deliver unified customer engagement across all digital and human touchpoints.

Agile and scalable

At every level of government, we are helping agencies respond and adapt to customers' evolving expectations, driving greater efficiency through self-service and reduced program costs.

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