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Homeland Security

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Building a secure, data-driven future

Our trusted approach helps the Department of Homeland Security integrate and scale user-focused solutions and advanced technologies to build public trust and elevate the customer experience without compromising security.

Partnering to meet the mission

As a trusted partner with a deep understanding and commitment to supporting the mission of DHS, Maximus delivers. Learn how our culture of innovation addresses national security concerns and how we engage with our customers for mission success.

Trusted by our customers to advance national security missions

Outsmart threats

We deploy comprehensive security managed services that are the cornerstone of robust cybersecurity strategies. Our cybersecurity experts provide continuous monitoring, threat detection, and rapid response capabilities, ensuring digital assets remain secure against ever-present cyber threats.

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Maximize your data

Data is DHS’ most valuable asset. Our data management solutions ensure data is secure and primed for AI and analytics needs, fostering innovation and driving growth. From data logging to observability and in-depth analysis, we empower informed decisions to drive DHS forward.

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Leverage responsible AI

By leveraging machine learning (ML) and AI algorithms, we offer predictive insights and automated threat detection to keep DHS one step ahead of cyber risks. Robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities keep operations running smoothly while our predictive modeling advances the mission at the speed of relevancy.

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