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Homeland Security

Delivering leading edge digital solutions for securing the homeland

Advancing the DHS mission of safeguarding the American people and our nation by delivering leading edge technology solutions at scale. As a committed partner, we work within DHS to achieve high performance and transformational results — from strategy to execution.

Partnering to Meet the Mission

As a trusted partner with a deep understanding and commitment to supporting the mission of DHS, Maximus delivers. Learn how our culture of innovation addresses national security concerns and how we engage with our customers for mission success.

Trusted by our customers to advance national security missions

Providing full-spectrum cybersecurity services to protect our homeland

Providing comprehensive cybersecurity capabilities to protect and defend our homeland security customers against current and future cybersecurity threats. Our 24x7 teams detect and respond to cyber events around the clock and have reduced the threat landscape while improving the security posture of our customer's organizations.

Our solutions include:

  • Building and continuously maintaining cutting-edge security tools focused on automation and orchestration to stay at the forefront of the cybersecurity landscape.
  • Analyzing malware and conducting forensic, insider threat, and intelligence analysis using advanced AI technology.
  • Monitoring and analyzing open and classified sources of cybersecurity threat information.
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Delivering a holistic, agile, secure, and customer-centered approach to digital transformation

Our customer needed a partner experienced in applying leading-edge AI/ML experience with emerging technologies to shape data-driven decision-making to help make its organization and workforce more effective. We improved the efficiency of core processes (such as Biometrics, Adjudication, and Verification) and decreased the time and cost associated with high volume processes.

Our solutions include:

  • Integrating AL/ML into the DevSecOps pipeline to identify legacy issues that were slowing down developers.
  • Performing data analytics and engineering tasks in big data platforms using advanced analytics.
  • Continuously modernizing systems using a fully decoupled microservices architecture on AWS.
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Driving mission modernization and application development through cybersecurity innovation

We are at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation and precision for critical DHS domains and federal civilian programs. Our cybersecurity services enable mission resilience by offering deep cyber expertise, advanced analytics for actionable intelligence, continuous monitoring, and secure cloud services. Maximus has proven past performance in real-time threat analysis, security operations center (SOC) development/support, and an unparalleled understanding of federal and homeland security standards. We empower our homeland security partners to prevent, detect, defeat and recover from attacks more quickly and confidently.

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Ensuring mission security through best-in-class transformation services

Our teams advance the DHS mission with a client-centered digital transformation and innovation approach. Providing interoperable data and insights in a climate of rising data volume and variety is critical to maintaining our national security. From problem-solving to proactively reimagining workflows and approaches, our experience in data science, analytics, and AI/ML supports the Department of Homeland Security with the ability to make better command decisions.

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Leveraging data science and advanced analytics to drive mission insights

We pride ourselves on knowing the unique requirements of our clients and understanding the mission impact on the people they serve. Using agile processes, analytics, and cloud techniques, we help our partners accelerate organizational IT Modernization from the enterprise to the tactical edge. By connecting human and data insights with technology, our inside-out/outside-in approach advances agencies' dynamic end-user requirements and provides visualization experiences that shorten decision times while increasing accuracy.

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