Digital Transformation

Embrace the digital revolution in government

Rise to the challenge of changing requirements and expectations by leveraging innovative technology at the forefront of your operations

Transformation starts with understanding your challenges

Maximus advances our clients’ missions with a holistic, agile, secure, and customer-centered approach to digital transformation. We leverage the power of cloud, containers, microservices, serverless computing, automation, and other leading-edge technologies to dramatically accelerate delivery of mission capabilities. Our technical expertise, consultative approach to business enablement, and robust delivery program bring high-impact solutions to our clients.

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We see the big picture

Transformation isn’t just about installing new tools. It’s about getting a holistic view of operations to streamline the day-to-day. We know how to build technology solutions that transform program delivery, freeing up workers to perform higher-value tasks (per the President’s Management Agenda) and improving the Citizen Journey.

We reduce risk

From our extensive experience delivering government services at the national, state, and local levels, we're able to anticipate the operational impacts of change and minimize potential risk. We focus on advanced technologies already proven in other industries and have a successful track record applying them.

We drive innovation

Transformation isn't a tomorrow thing. Right now, we're implementing new solutions to improve workflow and reduce paper-based documentation. We're using virtual agents to streamline the citizen experience, and we're increasing the use of RPA and AI to manage business processes with greater efficiency.

How we are creating transformational digital solutions through leading-edge practices

Artificial Intelligence

Our approach to delivering AI to our clients is built on agile and DevOps principles, enabling us to develop small but impactful units of functionality, and rapidly deliver them into the hands of users.

Machine Learning

By utilizing evolving capabilities, such as predictive behavior and enhancing machine learning with other automated technologies, we can resolve complex requests faster and advance missions with ease.


We utilize a holistic approach that incorporates a full view of business/mission problems to integrate robotic process automation (RPA) where it has the most impact — freeing up staff from routine and mundane tasks, so they can concentrate on more complex ones.

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Whether using modern capabilities such as microservices and serverless computing, or building applications on sophisticated low-code/no-code development platforms, our metrics-driven, best-in-class approach leads to modernized applications and business processes.

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Harnessing Data

With our data science framework, we enable multiple ways to train data to validate and profile information while maintaining quality and improving communication between team members. In addition, our robust framework for applying Business Intelligence (BI) ensures we deliver cost-effective, innovative solutions that deliver novel insights from data.

Next-Generation Computing

From traditional high-performance computing to lightweight IoT platforms, our engineers solve our nation's most pressing challenges by leveraging the power of state-of-the-art equipment, paired with design and operating philosophies to exponentially increase the strength of computing.


Whether you're fully managed or prefer self-serve, we offer robust new channels to enhance the experience for everyone.

Seamless Integration

With the ease of implementation, citizens can start on one channel and pick up on another without starting over, including with live agents.

A systematic approach to implementation

Thoroughly assessing the impact of transformation is essential. So is developing a comprehensive plan for adopting new tools and processes.

  • Digital transformation changes how the government operates. We cover the implications for your citizens, workforce, technology, processes, and policy.
  • New tools should complement rather than replace workers. We refine (and retrain) teams and transition them to more strategic, mission-focused tasks.
  • New technology can create vulnerabilities. Our proven methodologies protect new and legacy systems.
  • Transition brings uncertainty. Our phased implementation path provides you with rapid and low risk transformation.
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What can our automation technology do for you?

  • Significantly reduce processing time for all types of documentation — preventing or minimizing backlogs.
  • Automate repetitive, manual tasks to improve accuracy and allow staff to focus more time and attention on mission-critical services for citizens.
  • Enable you to use taxpayer money more efficiently due to increased productivity.
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Our approach leads to high-impact solutions

California overhauls workers' comp processes

Using automation, analytics, and a web-based document intake portal, the state has dramatically reduced processing time and costs.

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Major federal health agency uses Maximus Intelligent Assistant

Citizens now speak with an intelligent virtual assistant as they would with a live agent. 30% of calls are authenticated this way.

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Robotic process automation in action

Over the past five years, our team transformed an extremely labor-intensive process — for Medicare appeals— while still maintaining independent clinical decision-making.

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IT Modernization

Modernization is the first step in adopting digital, cyber, and cloud technologies that are driving change across the government. Maximus takes a holistic approach to end-to-end modernization and gives agencies the foundation they need to meet demands for immediate cost savings, operational agility, resilience and security.

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