Digital Transformation

Embrace the digital revolution in government

How can government keep up with changing times and expectations? By employing innovative technology to enhance operations and improve the Citizen Journey. We’re at the forefront of this movement.

Government is ready for a great leap in efficiency


of citizen processes in the U.S. are paper-driven

1.5 billion

federal government labor hours are consumed by easily automated tasks


of surveyed companies increased efficiency with robotic process automation (RPA)

Transformation starts with understanding your challenges

Growing caseloads. Aging populations. Complex health and economic needs. Outdated systems. Solving deep-rooted problems requires a well thought-out approach. That's why we're strategically leveraging digital technology across our entire portfolio from existing projects to future capabilities.

We see the big picture

Transformation isn’t just about installing new tools. It’s about getting a holistic view of operations to streamline the day-to-day. We know how to build technology solutions that transform program delivery, freeing up workers to perform higher-value tasks (per the President’s Management Agenda) and improving the Citizen Journey.

We reduce risk

From our extensive experience delivering government services at the national, state and local levels, we’re able to anticipate the operational impacts of change and minimize potential risk. For starters, we focus on leading-edge technologies already proven in other industries, and have a successful track record applying them.

We drive innovation

Transformation isn’t a tomorrow thing. Right now, we're piloting new mobile solutions to improve workflow and reduce paper-based documentation. We're using virtual agents to streamline the citizen experience. And we're increasing the use of RPA and AI to manage business processes with greater efficiency.

What can our automation technology do for you?

  • Greatly reduce processing time for all types of documentation — preventing or minimizing backlogs.
  • Automate repetitive, manual tasks to improve accuracy and allow staff to focus more time and attention on mission-critical services for citizens.
  • Enable you to use taxpayer money more efficiently, due to increased productivity.

of organizations surveyed say RPA increases human interactions as employees transfer mundane tasks to computers

How we're delivering a multichannel experience to citizens

  • Artificial intelligence– Citizens today expect an Amazon-level experience. They won’t tolerate an antiquated IVR. Digital tools that incorporate AI deliver a truly conversational, human-like experience.
  • Machine learning and AI – Our unrivaled, multichannel contact center support accommodates evolving capabilities, such as predictive behavior to resolve complex citizen requests faster.
  • Self-service – We offer robust new channels to enhance the experience for those who prefer to self-serve.
  • Seamless integration – Citizens can start on one channel and pick up on another without having to start over, including with live agents.

A systematic approach to implementation

Fully assessing the impact of transformation is essential. So is developing a comprehensive plan for adopting new tools and processes.

  • Digital transformation changes how government operates. We cover the implications for your citizens, workforce, technology, processes and policy.
  • New tools should complement rather than replace workers. We refine (and retrain) teams and transition them to more strategic, mission-focused tasks.
  • New technology can create vulnerabilities. Our proven methodologies (used with agencies like the IRS) protect new and legacy systems.
  • Transition brings uncertainty. Our phased implementation path provides you with peace of mind.
10 days

10 days to render a workers' comp appeal decision in CA – down from nearly a year under the old approach