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Internal Revenue Service

Bringing innovative solutions forward

We are forging future success at the IRS. We align emerging technologies with data-driven insights that create enhanced taxpayer experiences and ensure successful tax filing seasons year after year.

Committed to enhancing the taxpayer experience

American taxpayers expect fast, secure and modern tax filing services. To deliver these mission-critical services, the IRS relies on Maximus to bring innovative solutions forward. We are a trusted partner, driving operational transformation for the IRS for more than 30 years. Our pragmatic approach to modernization efforts reduces risk and complexity, enabling the IRS to focus on what matters most — ensuring exceptional taxpayer experiences and successful tax filing seasons.

Strengthening organizational agility

We are nimble, continually calibrating and responding to evolving regulatory requirements and customer needs with ease.

The impact of the Taxpayer First Act (TFA)

Signed into law on July 1, 2019, the Taxpayer First Act was designed to improve customer interactions with the IRS. Already facing challenges during a precarious moment in our nation’s pandemic, the IRS needed to quickly develop an effective response. The Maximus team quickly stepped in to modernize operations, streamlining systems and workflows, enhancing the management of IT and use of electronic systems. We understand that advanced technologies mixed with best practices will deliver the next generation of customer service to the IRS.

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Simplifying IT modernization for the IRS

Implementing modernization initiatives in a complex infrastructure is difficult, challenging, and, in some cases, risky. With tax legislation changing every year, those changes create impacts throughout the systems that tax filers trust to process refunds effectively. Modernizing these systems, while doing annual updates for legislative changes and processing tax forms, is, to steal an old cliché, like modernizing a plane while in flight. The approach IRS has taken is what we refer to as pragmatic modernization.

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Ensuring continuity of funding for the federal government

Most Americans only think about the IRS at tax time. But for more than 30 years, the Maximus team has lived and breathed the IRS 24/7, 365. We maintain, support, and operate the technology and systems that ensure Americans can securely file timely and accurate tax returns and that ensure continuity of funding for the entire U.S. Federal Government.

As a result of our continuous performance and experience, Maximus Federal is the most knowledgeable, dependable, committed, and invested partner supporting the IRS today. We combine legacy knowledge and domain expertise with the right people, processes, and technology to deliver mission success for our IRS customer, and to ensure success as the agency modernizes. The IRS trusts us to solve problems for them, and by extension, the American taxpayer.

We’ve supported the IRS through…

  • 30+ filing seasons
  • 16 successful GAO audits
  • Dozens of changes to tax reform legislation, including the transition after the Obama Administration passed the Affordable Care Act
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Million American taxpayers supported

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Driving mission modernization and application development through cybersecurity innovation

We are at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation and precision for critical IRS domains. Our cybersecurity services deliver deep cyber expertise, advanced analytics that provide actionable intelligence, continuous monitoring, and secure cloud services. Maximus’ proven past performance empowers our IRS partners to prevent and detect attacks more quickly.

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Ensuring mission security through best-in-class transformation services

Our teams advance the mission with an IRS-centered digital transformation and innovation approach. Providing interoperable data and insights given rising data volume, variety, velocity, and veracity is critical to maintaining information dominance. From problem to approach to deriving the right solution, our experience in data science, analytics, and AI/ML supports the IRS with the ability to make better decisions.

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Leveraging data science and advanced analytics to drive mission insights

We pride ourselves on knowing the unique requirements of our clients and the mission impact on the people they serve. Using agile processes, analytics, and cloud techniques, we help our partners accelerate organizational IT Modernization from the enterprise to the tactical edge. By connecting human and data insights with technology, our inside-out/outside-in approach advances agencies dynamic end-user requirements and provides visualizations experiences that focus on shortening decision times with more accuracy.

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Focused on more than technology

In the past decade, agencies like the IRS have laid the groundwork for transitioning from legacy technology to new, cloud-based technologies such as RPA (robotic process automation) and AI (artificial intelligence). When agencies embrace IT modernization projects, it’s not merely about the technology. Having a deep understanding of the people and business processes ultimately makes these projects successful. Innovation is the confluence of people and leading-edge technology to drive better outcomes.

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