Public Health

Advancing the health of public health

Are you ready for the next public health crisis? Or for rebuilding our nation’s health infrastructure? Whatever the future holds, we can help. Partnering with federal, state, and local governments, we're making public health systems stronger and more responsive by reinventing the way services are delivered.

Maximus' Center for Health Innovation (CHI) is here to promote new models of delivering public health services that are integrated with the larger health ecosystem. We are here to help governments respond to population health needs and emerging public health threats with technical assistance and data analytics capabilities.

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Our solutions

Maximus has been a go-to partner for government agencies responding to COVID-19 and other major threats. From citizen engagement to test coordination, contact tracing, vaccination campaign support, and data analytics support we have a broad array of resources we can leverage to meet your needs. Here are just a few of the custom solutions we provide:

  • Targeted citizen engagement and vaccine hesitancy solutions
  • Public health program operation at scale
  • Advanced data analytics and data-driven public health decision-support
  • Public health infrastructure modernization
  • Social Determinants of Health and Health Equity
  • Independent immunization exemption reviews
  • Public health management
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Addressing Public Health Challenges Post-Pandemic

Staying one step ahead. Working with our public health clients to overcome current challenges in healthcare systems to ensure a safer tomorrow.

A Leader in Helping Public Health Agencies

Leading the way to promote new models of delivering public health services through a partnership approach with two of the leading health organizations - the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Helping Government Meet the Needs of Public Health

Offering new approaches to Governments at federal and local levels to help train future workforces to plan and execute complex health emergency and pandemic response programs like COVID-19.

Meet our team

Our public health practice is led by a team of clinical, scientific, and policy experts who are guided by decades of experience and today's best practices. We bring a wide range of experience to the table in areas such as epidemiology and data analytics; vaccinations and health program implementation; and surveillance.

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An opportunity to rethink, rewire, and retrain

COVID-19 changed everything. With public health systems playing such a vital and visible role in society today, it's never been more important to get things right. In many cases, that will require new approaches, such as partnerships to deliver support functions more efficiently, workforce augmentation solutions to quickly scale up in a crisis, and technology integration to make better use of data. Maximus is at the forefront of these efforts to ready our nation's public health infrastructure for the future.

The power of GIS data to support public health preparedness

Public health data from the pandemic offers visibility and lessons learned in preparing for public health emergencies. See how GIS can utilize foundational datasets, tools, and models to support the future of public health.

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Success in contact tracing

As a leader in comprehensive COVID-19 mitigation, Maximus has launched successful COVID-19 contact tracing programs across states and large metro counties. Along the way, we've learned some valuable lessons we'd like to share.

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