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2023 State HIT Connect Summit

March 6-8 | Visit Booth #47

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Supporting Medicaid programs through PHE unwinding and beyond

With the end of the continuous enrollment requirement, states have 12 months to initiate and 14 months to complete eligibility redeterminations for their entire Medicaid caseload. Maximus stands ready to help states tackle redetermination backlogs, fair hearings, workforce challenges, and more to ensure eligible people remain covered.

Unwinding PHE measures: navigating the challenges ahead

As you begin to unwind the public health emergency measures, you'll want to do it in a way that's efficient, empathetic, and equitable. We'll work in collaboration with your agency to ensure a seamless transition back to "normal" program operations. Trust Maximus to help you navigate unwinding hurdles such as workforce shortages and workload surges.

Discover how we can help your state unwind PHE measures
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Leveraging data to move people forward

Turn data into actionable insights to help your agency obtain a single view of the customer and improve services for the people you serve. Our solutions employ safe and secure data to help your government programs deliver on their mission.

With GX by Maximus, we use emerging tech to analyze broad sets of secure data to help states identify opportunities that create better outcomes for your populations.

Learn how GX by Maximus can help

How we help

Now more than ever, the public is relying on government programs to recover from life’s challenges. Our GX approach focuses on streamlining and enhancing the customer journey throughout Medicaid to improve health outcomes and achieve program efficiencies. We offer clients insight and guidance to improve program performance continuously.

What we do

Engagement is the key to positive outcomes. We provide omnichannel, culturally appropriate, and accessible resources to drive self-service and enable people to make better health decisions. Our proven methods for effective customer engagement combine technology with the human touch.

Why we're unique

Our GX services span the health and human services ecosystem, from eligibility and enrollment all the way through getting them back to work. As your trusted partner, we are uniquely poised to make a difference as states shift their focus from transactions to outcomes, from call center to customer care, from interaction to engagement, and from reports to actionable insights.

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Leveraging human-centered design for a path forward

People expect the same level of service from government as they receive from leading consumer brands -- fast, seamless, and personalized. Human-centered design uses collaborative and interactive methods to understand consumers' challenges and pain points to identify an actionable path toward program improvements. This session will highlight how states use human-centered design to identify and address social needs.


  • John MacMillan, VP, Future Market Development, Maximus
  • Michael Sampson, VP, Digital Solutions, Maximus
  • Suzanne Schlattman, Deputy Director for Development, Maryland Citizens'​ Health Initiative Education Fund
  • Taylor Linke, Director of IT Innovation & Customer Experience, Washington State Health Care Authority

Date: Tuesday, March 7 | Time: 1:30- 2:30 p.m. ET

Location: Hopkins, 3rd floor

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