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Citizens want their government to deliver high-quality services. They also want their data kept secure. Now more than ever, agencies are feeling pressure to leverage technology to meet those demands. Maximus has the proven capabilities, experience, and commitment required to deliver enterprise technology solutions to help the government get the job done. 

The Maximus approach gets better results

We bring together the people, processes, and technologies necessary to solve some of government's toughest challenges. We have an array of in-house expertise, enabling us to build technology solutions and services that help our clients meet today’s challenges and evolve for the future.

FedRAMP service offerings

We offer multiple FedRAMP-authorized cloud services with the security, visibility, and enhanced performance needed to support programs of all sizes and complexities.

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Enterprise infrastructure and support services

We not only engineer, operate and maintain complex technological infrastructures, but we maintain and modernize them to ensure they’re built to last. We work as partners with our clients to deliver what they need across a full range of services from customer-facing digital components to mission-enabling platform services.

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Cybersecurity and cyber resilience

Our approach to risk management is pragmatic and proactive. We understand that competent cybersecurity goes way beyond preventing a data breach. We apply a comprehensive approach to security that covers the entire lifecycle and footprint of a program.

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Agile consulting and training

We offer a wide range of Agile capabilities, combined with Lean Six Sigma for greater quantitative analysis, to best serve our government partners on the journey to embrace change, collaboration, and continuous learning.

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Emerging technologies

As a leading provider of business process management (BPM) services to the federal government, we consistently infuse new technology tools into client programs to deliver better efficiency and improved outcomes. This includes applying innovative tools that leverage artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive computing and machine learning, and robotic process automation (RPA).

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Software development

Our team has a range of proven software development expertise from architecture and design to development and sustainment. We leverage industry-leading delivery models that streamline software application implementation to enable applications across the federal government.

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Citizen engagement platforms

We are the leading provider of Citizen Engagement Services to government. So, it should come as no surprise that the technology platforms we use are second-to-none. We apply these platforms to our Citizen Engagement Centers to drive better outcomes for our clients and the people they serve.

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Building for the future of government when IT modernization isn’t just a technology upgrade

Recently, as agency leaders have prioritized IT modernization as a catalyst to prepare their agencies for the future, technology has been leaned on as the “big fix” that will single-handedly solve every existing challenge and eliminate future ones. Technology is innately an important part of modernization efforts, including the transitioning of legacy systems. And, while it is an excellent tool for reducing costs, increasing productivity, and delivering consistent, high-quality service to citizens, it is not very effective when applied in a vacuum. Because of this, it is vitally important that agency leaders take a more holistic view of their agency mission, prevalent engagement and service delivery models, and the people they serve when approaching modernization initiatives to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.

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Building for the future of government when IT modernization isn’t just a technology upgrade

Our relationship with Robotic Process Automation

AI is getting much attention in the industry press, but RPA may prove to be even more valuable for government applications.

RPA demystified: The new opportunity for the digital age

RPA demystified: The new opportunity for the digital age

In this article, Maximus Federal’s President of Information Technology Raj Parameswaran highlights the rise of robotic process automation technology and how it may offer tremendous value to federal IT operations in the coming years.

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RPA delivers better results for citizens

RPA delivers better results for citizens

In this article, Andy Beamon, Vice President, Strategic Innovation for Citizen Services, illustrates how robotic process automation will be an essential tool for government agencies as they address the limitations imposed by legacy systems.

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