Adriane Virgil

Operations Manager, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

As operations manager in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Adriane Virgil provides leadership to other call center supervisors and helps manage daily operations of the customer service department.

How did you start on the project?

I first started with a sub-contractor in August 2013 as a trainer. I was one of the many trainers that had to train over 500 people when the contract first started for the program. I started my career path with Maximus and transitioned to an operations supervisor in October 2013.

How has your career progressed since joining the company?

In November of 2017, I became an operations manager. I was able to work with new supervisors and help them in their roles because I was in their shoes. My team of supervisors over the years has helped me become the manager I am today. I had the pleasure of developing customer service representatives that were on my team and assisted with the nesting program for a few years. During my tenure with the company, I have seen many changes and overcame a lot of obstacles.

What impact has the call center had on you?

During my time with Maximus, I have worked with so many wonderful people and built many long-lasting relationships. When I first started with the company, I did not foresee being in the position that I am in today. I knew I wanted to be a supervisor, but I didn’t see anything after that. I have partaken in many different functions of the call center and looking today to expand my career growth.