Bobbi Sanders

Local Systems Administrator, Bogalusa, Louisiana

Bobbi Sanders is a local systems administrator at a Maximus call center in Bogalusa, Louisiana. Sanders helps call center representatives (CSRs) troubleshoot technical problems so they can best address callers’ needs.

What has your career journey been like?

I began my journey on the project in October of 2013 as a call center representative. I enjoyed and excelled during my time then I decided this was no longer just another job for me, it was a career. Due to my strong performance, I was chosen to be a tenured CSR to assist the new hires and help transition new CSRs to become independent in taking calls. This is where my passion began – helping new hires excel with their phone calls. 

How has the project supported your career development?

In September 2016, our location expanded the scope of training new CSRs and I was one of the first supervisors to attend that training. I discovered that I was even more passionate about the content and determined to gain the knowledge to help my team excel in our new roles. During my time as a supervisor, I attended analytics calls weekly to discuss current trends and topics. I also served as the nesting supervisor and as a recruiting ambassador, assisting with the interview and hiring process. I built lasting connections with my team that helped define me as a supervisor. Even now in my current role, I check on my former CSRs. 

How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect your role at Maximus?

In 2020, The pandemic hit, and with that came new challenges. As a result of the pandemic, the call centers had to implement social distancing and transitioned some CSRs to work from home. A wonderful supervisor friend and I were chosen to teach the work-from-home class weekly. During the class, we taught the CSRs how to use and navigate the new tools provided. Once the CSRs went home, they reached out to us if they had any technical issues. As a result, I became efficient in troubleshooting work-from-home issues.

In August of 2020, an opening became available on our Desktop team, and I was promoted to the position. This role allows me to not only assist and troubleshoot issues for CSRs at Bogalusa, but for CSRs at every project location. I love being able to assist with resolving technical issues. What I love the most is I learn new things every single day. I am grateful for my journey and the opportunities I’ve had to grow.