Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure Services

We stay mission-focused, protecting, optimizing and modernizing essential programs and operations across all critical infrastructure sectors

Leveraging innovation to support the future of critical infrastructure

Since the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, there has been an increased focus on improving our country’s infrastructure, and in particular, the functions deemed critical for the continued operation of our Nation. Maximus recently teamed up with leaders across government and academia to discuss the advanced technologies that are moving the needle in creating the critical solutions needed to address some of our Nation’s toughest challenges.

Extraordinary missions call for extraordinary results

Each year, millions of American citizens are impacted by the effects of climate-related disasters, unsafe drinking water and additional safety hazards to our country’s critical infrastructure. To address these complex challenges, government agencies rely on Maximus. We provide experience managing large, enterprise-wide programs while leveraging advanced technologies that reduce risk and increase resiliency. From strategy to technology implementation, we deliver operational excellence at scale to create modern, resilient and secure critical infrastructure.

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Integrating experience with innovation

Supporting federal financial, energy, transportation, health and environmental agencies for over a decade, we leverage our deep knowledge of agency missions combined with advanced technologies and methodologies to overcome the complex requirements across all critical infrastructure sectors.

We build resilience while streamlining for greater efficiency

Creating secure architectures for resilient infrastructures

We strengthen cyber resiliency, protecting critical data, operations and infrastructures. Our full-spectrum cybersecurity services offer unrivaled cyber defense against the most advanced cyber adversaries. From Zero Trust Architecture design and implementation to secure operations and systems integration, we create and protect resilient enterprises.

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Ensuring agile and secure delivery of critical services

We modernize portfolios of services and applications utilizing extreme automation techniques, Agile methodologies, and modern, secure application development practices. From cloud-native application modernization to cloud and system architecture, we deliver innovative, scalable, and secure solutions.

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Sustaining operational excellence for optimal business performance

We drive organizational readiness, aligning people, process and technology that are critical to mission success. From strategy development to operational implementation, we leverage our deep knowledge of agency missions to deliver optimal business performance.

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Delivering innovative technologies that accelerate mission success

We empower our customers to make data-driven decisions, rapidly automating complex information that unlocks valuable insights for actionable intelligence. Through emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robotics Process Automation (RPA), and High-Performance Computing, we accelerate mission success.

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Moving extraordinarily important missions forward

We are a trusted partner to agencies across all Critical Infrastructure sectors. Delivering solutions and services with agility and scale, we meet our customers where they are while helping them navigate toward a better future. We know that extraordinary missions call for extraordinary results, and we are proud to share in our customers’ successes.