Crystal Hurt

Senior Site Manager, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Crystal Hurt is a senior site manager in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. She says she loves being a positive role model in her position overseeing the center’s activities.

How did you get started on the project?

I started my career with the company as a customer service representative (CSR) in Phoenix, Arizona. During my time as a CSR, I took several additional training classes then joined our Internal Support Group (ISG), helping CSRs with their questions. I enjoyed assisting the callers, but when I started supporting CSRs, I wanted to help them become great at their jobs. That experience led me to a supervisor role. I was a supervisor in Phoenix for about seven years. As a supervisor, I enjoyed building strong CSRs. They knew they could count on me to ensure they received the coaching and encouragement to achieve better results.

How has your role grown at Maximus?

Later, I was given the opportunity to manage the contact center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Relocating and taking on a new role wasn’t easy, but the experience made me a stronger leader within the organization. I was a manager for seven years in Hattiesburg before taking the role of senior manager in Bogalusa, Louisiana. It’s so rewarding to see your former team members doing well and motivated to grow within the organization like myself.

How have your leadership skills developed in the call center environment?

I continue to encourage and develop people from all levels, and I’m also inspired to continue to grow Maximus. Many leaders helped me in so many ways. From the time I stepped into the Phoenix contact center, they believed in me and influenced me along my journey. The best part of my career has been my growth as a leader, an influencer, and becoming the best I can be for my children.