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Danielle Valdes-Jimenez

Outreach Manager, New Hire Reporting Programs

Danielle Jimenez is the supervisor of Maximus national new hire and child support outreach. Her background as a trained anthropologist helps her work with diverse populations and communication styles. She has been particularly successful working with populations that have had a history of non-collaboration with state and federal agencies due to cultural differences. Ms. Jimenez uses her anthropological knowledge to promote the use of social and behavioral sciences in child support outreach. She works with clients, as well as project and executive management, to establish outreach plans, objectives, and initiatives. She also coordinates, designs, implements, manages, and evaluates outreach campaigns, driving the use of scientific theory and research to enhance all communications. In addition to new hire, Ms. Jimenez assists in the design of outreach campaigns and materials for National Medical Support Notice and paternity establishment projects, government benefit programs, foster care, and Social Security recipients