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Darryl Scott

Federal Financial Services

Mr. Darryl Scott serves as a Director of Business Development at Maximus, bringing an extensive background of nearly 40 years in business development within the federal IT sector. Darryl his expertise in driving growth for major systems integrators, skillfully navigating the complex landscape of federal information technology.

Throughout their career, Darryl has been dedicated to fostering the growth of small businesses, providing mentorship and guidance to help them flourish in the competitive federal IT arena. This commitment to nurturing emerging businesses in the field has been recognized through several prestigious awards, including Mentor of the Year Award from the Government Technology Services Coalition, a testament to their impactful mentorship. Additionally, his advocacy for small businesses earned him the Small Business Advocacy Award from the American Council for Technology-Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC). Further highlighting his influence in the sector, the Department of Homeland Security honored Darryl with the Mentor of the Year Award, acknowledging his significant contributions to the growth and development of small businesses in federal IT.