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Duane Edghill

Director, Agile Development Services

Duane Edghill is the Director of Agile Development Services for the Maximus Federal Technology Strategy and Solutions team. He is an experienced Agile leader with more than 25 years of being an Agile Coach providing Agile Enterprise Transformation, Training, and Coaching to various private companies and government agencies. Duane manages, defines, and implements Agile standards across all Maximus Federal levels. He is responsible for ensuring all organizations are adequately trained in the various disciplines and practices of Agile, Scaled Agile, and DevOps. Duane has unique experience in transforming a government agency from its traditional Waterfall SDLC to Agile & DevOps. Duane holds an MBA from the University of Texas Dallas and several Agile certifications, including SPC, RTE, CSP, LeSS, DaD, CSM, ICP, Kanban, Lean-Six-Sigma, and DevOps.