Child Support Reporting

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We offer employers comprehensive, end-to-end support for state new hire, IWO and NMSN programs. We make reporting easier so you can get back to what you do best - running your business.

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Our employer services for state new hire, IWO and NMSN programs help you understand what you need to do, when you need to do it, and how to get it done quickly and easily using the latest technology. And if you need personal support at any point, we’re only a call or click away.

Outreach and education

We implement proactive campaigns to improve your understanding of and compliance with new hire, IWO and NMSN laws using a variety of methods, including phone, email and in person. Our educational materials are direct and to the point – allowing you to get what you need and get on with your day

Customer service

Our statewide customer service contact centers handle your questions quickly and courteously. In addition to calling us, we also offer chat, text and email options. It’s your choice.

Employer portal

Our user-friendly web portal is your online hub for managing IWO and NMSN orders and notifications as well as reporting new hires electronically. It’s fast, accurate and secure.

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We operate new hire programs for these states

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New Hire Reporting

New hire reporting is a simple process by which employers report information on newly-hired employees to a designated state agency shortly after the date of hire. States match the new hire reports against their child support records to locate parents, establish new support orders and enforce existing orders.

As an employer, the information you provide about your new and re-hired employees plays an important role in the success of child support collections. It’s also utilized in the prevention of fraud as well as over-payment of public assistance and unemployment insurance.

In partnership with your state, we work with employers like you to deliver outreach, education and tools to make new hire reporting a snap.

Simplify reporting for multi-state businesses

Income Withholding Order (IWO)

Income withholding orders work in tandem with new hire reporting, and are the most important and effective method for regular collection of child support. When employers understand how IWOs work, they are able to process child support payments more efficiently and effectively. As a partner to state and local governments, we focus on employer education – explaining the steps, the timeline and your responsibilities. Through proactive outreach that includes both traditional and new media, we help busy employers like you make sense of the process and comply in a timely manner.

National Medical Support Notice (NMSN)

As part of a child support order, federal law requires child support agencies to pursue private health insurance coverage for dependent children through the noncustodial parent’s (NCP) employer. Agencies comply with this law by submitting a National Medical Support Notice (NMSN) to the NCP’s employer or union. The NMSN instructs the employer to enroll the child or children identified on the notice in a health care plan, if coverage is available.

We partner with state and local governments to deliver outreach, education and communication to ensure that you, as an employer, understand your responsibilities and comply in a timely manner.