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Jim Miller

Strategic Solutions, Office of the President

Jim Miller is responsible for development and implementation of strategy and new solutions at Maximus. Reporting to the Office of the President, Jim coordinates the strategy efforts of the various business units as well as the identification, design, development, and implementation of new growth platforms and solutions initiatives across the firm. Jim’s career has focused on new solutions and strategies across a variety of different industries; both domestic and international. This experience includes the first commercial launch of DSL high-speed broadband and video text services, the merger with TimeWarner Communications, and creation of MediaOne Group while at U S WEST; to starting the first database marketing company in Brazil in a joint venture with Grupo Abril. Jim’s patent is used to connect remote alarm sensors across wireline and wireless networks. Understanding how to use data to inform business processes and identifying enabling technologies to deliver enhanced business-to-consumer, business-to-business, and business-to-government solutions is the passion Jim brings to his work at Maximus.