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Joan Winchester

Director, Digital Creative Agency

Joan Winchester is a writer, editor, and researcher with the Digital Creative Agency, formerly known as the Center for Health Literacy. She specializes in writing in plain language and developing and conducting consumer testing and research. Joan also provides training, workshops, and presentations on plain language, health literacy, health insurance literacy, and consumer testing.

Her past roles at Maximus include consultant and senior manager with technical writing, editing, training, and research duties.

Before joining Maximus, Joan was a reading specialist for the Alexandria City Public Schools in Alexandria, Virginia, where she received the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Education Award.

She holds a Master of Education Degree and a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences Degree.

Get to know our leaders

What do you love most about your work?

I love helping citizens access, understand, and participate in government programs.

What professional advice might you offer to people just getting started in their careers?

Prepare to be dedicated and hard-working, strive for excellence, and seek out respected mentors and leaders to learn from.

What is your approach to leadership and mentoring?

I try to teach by example, modeling characteristics, work habits, and skills for success.