Leann Price

Local Systems Administrator, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Leann Price started as a customer service representative (CSR) at the Hattiesburg, Mississippi, location at a point when she said she was down on her luck. Six years later, she’s risen through the ranks as a local systems administrator, providing IT support for the program.  

How did you start?

My role started in August 2015. I had been out of work for two years after trying to recover from a car accident. At this point in my life, I was losing hope and I wasn’t having any luck finding a job due to my injuries. I was barely walking straight, I could not stand for long periods of time, and my right arm was not strong enough to lift my kids or a jug of milk for that matter. However, I applied, passed the interview process, and started work as a customer service representative. I was so happy and excited.

How has your career progressed within the program?

I was feeling like a winner and decided to apply for a supervisor position. In the past, I had held supervisor roles. After being promoted to supervisor, I was extremely happy and felt so blessed that management had taken this chance with me.

In 2016, I was asked to expand my supervisor role due to coverage needs. I did not mind taking the training courses to help the team. I really loved what I was doing, but I was more concerned with moving toward bettering my career and myself. I am a single mom, so I encourage myself and my girls to always try and don’t be afraid when people tell you no. Hearing “no” makes the ”yes” seem so much better in the end. It also exemplifies your growth as an individual.

Later in 2016, I applied for a local systems administrator position, which is my current role today. We are like the customer service provider of information technology (IT) support for the program. However, our roles are separate. If we can’t fix your computer, network, or system issues, then we will bridge the gap to get you to someone with the Maximus IT department that can.

How has Maximus supported your professional development?

I am sure a lot of listening and learning from other people within the Hattiesburg site has assisted me in getting where I am today. Please understand I am grateful. However, mostly I give credit to the man upstairs for me even being alive and working with such a great company. I plan to retire from this company, if possible. They respect me, they allow me to grow, and they assist me with moving to the next step in my career or staying where I am. Whichever path I choose, I feel this company will support my endeavors. I am very grateful to have such an amazing career with Maximus.