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Nomana Khan, MBBS, MPH

Senior Director, Maximus Public Health

Nomana Khan brings to Maximus more than twenty years of diversified experience in public health, including program management, surveillance, emergency preparedness and response, epidemiology and research. She has notable international work experience and served at both federal (CDC) and state level (New Hampshire Department of Public Health).

Before joining Maximus, Dr. Khan served as Public Health Surveillance Manager for the New Hampshire Department of Public Health. She supervised and managed a designated set of syndromic, sentinel, and emergency preparedness surveillance systems for the state. She was responsible for developing, maintaining, supporting, and strengthening surveillance and detection systems and epidemiological processes. She led the Sentinel data quality assurance projects to evaluate completeness, timeliness, accuracy, and consistency of data and compiled operational, strategic, and procedural recommendations to improve the quality of data, identify needs for training, and refining collection processes. She also served as a liaison with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, system vendor, and other partners to implement appropriate technical additions to the surveillance systems. She was responsible for reviewing the systems to identify gaps and propose enhancements while ensuring the timely transmission of data from the facilities to the CDC. She also contributed to the Influenza Pandemic planning, table-top exercises, and development of guidance documents.

Dr. Khan served as Branch Director on the Epidemiology and Surveillance Branch and supervised and monitored COVID-19 response staff/epidemiologists responsible for the data monitoring, collection, analysis/interpretation, reporting, and dissemination. She was responsible for the management, evaluation, and enhancement of the surveillance system and served as a point of contact for data transmission from facilities/laboratories and to the CDC. She worked collaboratively with teams conducting case investigations, contact tracing, and patient monitoring. She contributed to developing goals, objectives, and implementation of effective strategies to combat the COVID-19 global pandemic in New Hampshire. Dr. Khan also worked closely with the communication team and contributed to developing community mitigation guidance documents for the response.

During her tenure with CDC, Dr. Khan collaborated with the Human Subjects Advisor and Human Subject protection Office (HRPO). She assisted in the development, review, and clearance of scientific documents and protocols. Dr. Khan worked on numerous research projects and studies, including a case-control multistate Epi-Aid research project and an emergency response preparedness study to assess the socio-economic impact of school closure. Dr. Khan has four publications on her resume, including one as the first author. She has also served on the Scientific Response Team for MERS, Ebola, and Zika responses.

During her international public health work with Implementing Partner for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Dr. Khan managed and implemented health policies and procedures for registered urban refugees and asylum seekers.

Ms. Khan holds a Master of Public Health (Health Policy and Management) degree from Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia. She is also an international medical graduate with a few years of clinical experience, primarily in infectious diseases.