Phillandes McNair

Quality Lead, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Phillandes McNair is a site quality lead at the Hattiesburg, Mississippi site. He ensures customer service representatives (CSRs) have the tools and information they need to maintain high levels of quality and customer satisfaction. He also assists with creating and supporting quality improvement initiatives.

What’s your history with the company?

I have been with the company now for nine years and have met some great people along the way. I have witnessed evolution within the company and gained so much knowledge and experience during my tenure with the company. I started my career as a customer service representative. A few short months after, I was certified in additional types of calls, gaining me the status of being dual-trained.

During the time that I supported the contract by answering phones, I advanced to becoming a internal support group (ISG) CSR. As an ISG CSR I worked with a lot of different CSRs daily and enjoyed helping them and teaching them the steps that were required to provide a solution for their callers. This experience caused me to develop an interest in teaching and led me to pursue my next position as a trainer.

I worked in the training department for about two years and along the way, I found a new interest. The new interest was developed through the interaction with management and supervisors through what was called the “buddy trainer” process. Each trainer was assigned a manager to work with to help with the development of the CSRs outside of training. As a result, I started looking for a position within the company where I could use that skill set at a greater level.

The site quality lead position was a perfect platform that would allow me to apply my skill set and impact the project. I studied the position and shadowed the current site quality lead to gain further insight. After a few months, a position became available, and I applied. I was rewarded with the position and that is currently where I am today.

What influenced your career advancement at Maximus?

There are plenty of opportunities for career development within Maximus. There are also a lot of inspiring and motivational leaders within the company. My initial motivation to start advancing and growing in Maximus was sparked by other people within the company. They encouraged and supported me in such a way, that it caused me to want to do the same thing and more for others that I will encounter along the way.

How do you measure success and satisfaction in your role?

As a leader, I have realized that my success is measured through those that follow me. I have proud moments when I impact someone’s life in such a way that it promotes growth and development in the individual. To see them advance and become an asset to the company causes me to feel successful. That is my desired goal for the people and for me personally, I aspire to be a better leader.

I have enjoyed the different challenges and the individual growth and development along the way. In my current role, I enjoy being able to meet and work and build partnerships and relationships with different people across all the sites and within the different functional areas. The relationships that I have add value to me as an individual and lead to continued growth and development in my professional life.

It brings me great joy to be a part of the overall change and growth that’s happening in the company. I never imagined being where I am at today, but I am thankful for the Maximus family for giving me the opportunity to be a part this wonderful team. Every aspect, every person, every year has added to my overall experience, growth, and development.