Railonnie Brooks

Training Manager in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Railonnie Brooks is a training manager in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Brooks manages a team of trainers who train customer service representatives for their jobs.

What’s your history on the project?

I have been working here since 2013. During my nine years, I have worn many hats. I started my career as a customer service representative (CSR), which gave me the foundation of what the project offers. Within two months, I was promoted to the Quality team, where I served as a quality monitor for a year and a half before transitioning to a limited-service supervisor for the Operations team.

As a supervisor assisting CSRs on their career path, I sought opportunities to gain more knowledge and skills. I applied for a role as a limited-service trainer since my role as a supervisor was coming to an end. Within five days of returning to my previous position as a quality monitor, I was offered a role as a limited-service trainer. After the ramp-up season ended, I was offered a position as a regular full-time trainer. Working as a trainer was just the beginning for me. I had found my passion and purpose. My role with training and delivery opened the door to more opportunities with Maximus. I was able increase my knowledge base and travel to other call center locations, eventually leading to my current role as a training manager.

What has Maximus provided for you to advance your career?

I did not get to where I am now without the support and direction of my managers and supervisors, but my deepest gratitude goes to my co-workers in the Training department. If there was a time when I had questions or needed a word of encouragement, the team was there to help. We worked together to find ways to transfer knowledge to our class participants and encouraged each other to continue developing our skill sets.  When I wanted to know about our processes, and what opportunities were available to me, my manager was always willing to point me in the right direction. As a trainer, I learned that it’s not about me, it’s about what I can offer to those I’ve trained. Supporting the growth and development of the agents who attended my training class was a level of personal satisfaction I never knew was possible. My greatest accomplishment at my time here at Maximus is not my personal career advancement, but my work assisting in the advancement of others.

Why is this work important?

I have worked in call center customer service for over 30 years, and it was not until I joined the Maximus family that I felt a sense of importance and purpose. Maximus has offered me life-changing opportunities. What we do is important! By assisting callers with critical needs, Maximus is changing lives. By offering jobs, which bring additional economic stimulation to the location of the call center, Maximus is changing lives. By offering comprehensive benefits, as well as incentives to give staff an extra boost of income when needed the most, Maximus is changing lives. With every charitable donation to agencies in need, as well as the establishment of the Employee Assistance Program, Maximus is changing lives.

I want to be part of a company that is making change and moving forward. I tell my story not to boast of my accomplishments, but to encourage others to seek out the opportunity to be more, to grow, and to be part of the change.