Roderick Vales

Manager, Bogalusa, Louisiana

Roderick Vales is an operations manager at the Bogalusa, Louisiana, call center. He manages a team of eight supervisors and 125 customer service representatives (CSRs).

What do you enjoy about working on the project?

I was told by a very good friend who worked for the company that I would be great for this job. She felt that because I was a good communicator I would do well as a CSR. She was right. Being a CSR came naturally to me because I love to talk. The bonus was that I liked what I was talking about. I have a degree in human services management, and I’ve always had a passion for programs that help others. When I found out that I would be a CSR for the project, I was extremely happy. I was finally working in a field that complimented my passion. It was important to me to turn this “job” into a “career,” and that’s what I’ve done. Almost every company that I’ve worked for states that they “promote from within.” I am a living testimony that Maximus does exactly that.

Tell us about your time with the company

I have been with the company for eight years and I’ve supported this project in several positions and lines of business. I started in August of 2014 as a CSR. Six months later, I was offered a temporary operations supervisor position. I remained a temporary supervisor for seven months until I was offered a permanent supervisor position, which I gladly accepted. In 2016, I accepted an offer as a temporary trainer and after my temporary trainer assignment ended, I transitioned back to an operations supervisor. I would rotate from temporary trainer to operations supervisor during the program’s ramp period for the next four years ultimately landing me in my current manager position.