Sue Heuring

Training Delivery Site Lead, Bogalusa, Louisiana

Sue Heuring is a training delivery site lead who works at the contact center in Bogalusa, Louisiana. Her initial motivation to advance and grow in her Maximus career was to return to the education field with adult learners. She achieved that goal with her current role and feels she is now making a real difference in people’s lives.

How did you start on your project?

I have been with the company for nine years, seen numerous changes, and experienced a lot of personal growth along my career path and my seven different positions.

How has your career progressed since joining the company?

I started as a customer service representative (CSR), moved to web chat CSR, then joined the Pilot Workforce Team, piloting new programs for our client. I have also held several training roles before my current role as training delivery site lead.

Now, I manage a dedicated group of trainers responsible for conducting new hire classes, upskilling classes, and special initiatives training. I continually partner with our cross-functional groups for training and development throughout our call center

What impact has Maximus had on you?

As a training professional with Maximus, you are a CSR’s first coach and their first mentor. So, when the new employee transitions from timid new hire to tenured CSR, I enjoy sharing in their big milestones. I love seeing the moment of epiphany when a CSR in class made their hard work worthwhile.

Each day brings a new opportunity to help someone grow and develop, and I grow as they grow. This has inspired me to do more, try new things, and branch out to a different site. In the field of training, we change lives.