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Providing operational excellence to support the mission

What we do matters. Our technical expertise, consultative approach to business optimization, and passion for delivery excellence ensure continuous readiness and bring high-impact solutions to the organizations we serve.

Defending our nation requires unmatched expertise

Meeting modern challenges requires a partner to deliver mission-critical solutions at scale.  Therefore, every solution we design and implement is built to exceed stringent requirements and ensure information dominance, operational scalability, and readiness.

Our portfolio of defense capabilities is designed to enable critical interoperability and security while meeting your need for nimble, responsive solutions that meet the mission in every environment.

Supporting the Army’s Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) migration

In 2019, the cloud experts at Maximus joined the Army’s (LMP) migration effort. They made it their mission to provide critical technical support, fill knowledge gaps, and work collaboratively with a team of other contractors to get the job done fast – harnessing the consulting and cloud prowess of Maximus to ensure long-term sustainability and success of the Army LMP.

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Aiding the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to fend off cyber-attacks

Maximus constructed a cyber cell to prevent threats and ensure risk and compliance across the agency build the cell in 45 days. Within a week of partnering with DISA, Maximus recruited individuals with deep experience on government cyber teams who could immediately jump into the project to help secure the network. Today, half the team investigates threats to the network, while the other half works on compliance and supply-chain risk management for the DISA organization. The team also scans new software and devices for compliance and ensures that hardware is up-to-date based on industry best practices.

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Enabling mobile apps for optimizing the Defense Health Agency’s (DHA) DoD wellbeing

DHA knows that soldiers need more than just a regular physical to succeed in the field––they also need proactive, accessible mental health support. That's why the agency created Web and Mobile Technologies (WMT), a rapidly expanding department that builds intuitive applications based on the latest psychological findings to treat anxiety, depression, PTSD for defense clients and their families. To leverage the most cutting-edge technical expertise to create a network of websites and mobile applications, the WMT called on Maximus, whose tech experts have been helping government agencies solve technology problems for over 40 years.

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Driving mission modernization and application development through cybersecurity innovation

We are at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation and precision for critical Department of Defense domains and Federal civilian programs. Our cybersecurity services enable mission resilience by offering deep cyber expertise, advanced analytics that provide actionable intelligence, continuous monitoring, and secure cloud services. Maximus has proven past performance in real-time threat analysis, security operations center (SOC) development/support, and an unparalleled understanding of federal and Defense security standards. We empower our Defense and national security partners to prevent, detect, defeat, and recover from attacks more quickly and more confidently.

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Ensuring mission security through best-in-class transformation services

Our teams advance the DoD’s mission with a client-centered digital transformation and innovation approach. Providing interoperable data and insights given rising data volume, variety, velocity, and veracity is critical to maintaining information dominance. From problem to approach to deriving the right solution, our experience in data science, analytics, and AI/ML supports the Department of Defense with the ability to make better command decisions both on and off the battlefield.

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Leveraging data science and advanced analytics to drive mission insights

We pride ourselves on knowing the unique requirements of our clients and the mission impact on the people they serve. Using agile processes, analytics, and cloud techniques, we help our partners accelerate organizational IT Modernization from the enterprise to the tactical edge. By connecting human and data insights with technology, our inside-out/outside-in approach advances agencies dynamic end-user requirements and provides visualizations experiences that focus on shortening decision times with more accuracy.

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