Employee Spotlight

Kristel Williams

Operations manager advocates for adults and at-risk youth in New York’s Westchester County.

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Sara-Grace Chan and Hannah Reyes

Two Texas-based college students extended their Maximus internships to start Health Talks. These monthly sessions highlight different health concerns and allow employee-experts to share what they’re doing to help vulnerable populations.

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Luz Nieves

Health coordinator shares personal experiences and professional knowledge to help Spanish-speaking parents care for asthmatic children.

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Robin Rutherford Cost

As a Healthcare Marketplace effectuation appeals clerk, Robin Rutherford Cost helps people navigate medical insurance options. In her down time, she volunteers at the Wilkes-Barre Dog Training Club and her experience with animals has enabled her to excel professionally.

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Edda Pleitez

Former Maximus Intern Edda Pleitez finds first career as a business analyst and now is a reporting developer with the Texas Enrollment Broker project.

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Amanda Learned

With the help of the local community, Amanda Learned, and the Charles Island Reforestation Project is working to replant 1,000 native trees and address the challenges of invasive vegetation, mother nature, and wildlife.

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Ricardo “Ric” Ybarra

Wisconsin Works (W-2) senior manager connects underserved communities with meaningful work. Ric Ybarra uses his 25 years of experience to establish strong connections with employers and hiring managers in the Milwaukee area.

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Zhi Liu

Call center supervisor uses his experience advocating for his team to help lead Maximus' new Asian-American Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander employee resource group.

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Marie Russell

As the new Vice President of Maximus’ Federal Technology Alliance Partners, Marie Russell’s vision is to build relationships with key partners to help anticipate client needs.

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Sara Starr

Call center supervisor uses advocacy experience to lead Women’s Alliance employee resource group. Starr hopes to mentor other women who, like many other working moms, juggle to find work-life balance.

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Xylan Ladista

Quality assurance supervisor takes reins of new Asian American Pacific Islander employee resource group. Growing up in the Philippines, Ladista dreamed of advocating for others and hopes the ERG will allow him to help co-workers succeed.

Nicole Terrel

Senior capture analyst brings creativity to grow and foster engagement in Maximus’ Black Alliance employee resource group.

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Natalie Stepp

Senior program manager and licensed therapist leads qualified residential treatment program teams to provide needs assessments to at-risk youth.

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Frank Aiello

Maximus’ chief information security officer was recently recognized on two industry leader lists. Frank’s work on cybersecurity helps Maximus — and our clients — information secure and helps us stay prepared for ever-changing technology challenges.

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Soquaya Seawood

Call center manager, Soquaya Seawood, lives a life of service that in her personally and professionally. Her passion not only drives her to lead and train her call center employees, it also compelled her to volunteer to help lead Maximus' Black Alliance ERG.

Arvenita Cherry

Maximus’ Senior Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion uses teaching background to educate employees about culture, acceptance, and the importance of diversity.

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Lisa Veith

Using innovation and creativity to help Maximus build relationships with small businesses, which include veteran and women-owned, employ people with disabilities, and 8(a) diversity/disadvantaged businesses. Strategic future growth initiatives include supply chain, citizen journey and customer experience, the future of federal health, technology modernization, and energy and critical infrastructure.

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Meredith Dabek

New England native and former college professor left academia for corporate communications during the COVID-19 pandemic. After joining the Maximus team in January 2022, Dabek also now serves as the Women's Alliance ERG vice president.

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David Mutryn

Maximus’ chief financial officer was named one of WashingtonExec’s Top CFOs to watch in 2022. David works with various divisions, from the executive team to smaller groups within the organization, helping to make decisions that affect the whole company.

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Janelle Peoples

Call center operations manager channels love of volunteering to become a founding member of Maximus’ Black Alliance employee resource group.

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