Employee Spotlight - Angela Bracy

Angela Bracy
Senior Manager

I started with the contact center operations (CCO) in 2005, as a limited-service Medicare customer service representative (CSR).

As I continued to learn my role as a Medicare CSR, I wanted a challenge, so I sought out new roles to gain more knowledge and, to be honest, as a single mother of two, I also wanted more pay. After working as a CSR, I moved on to supervisor, then manager, and now I’m currently the Senior Manager at the customer engagement center in Chester, VA.

As I continued to take on new roles with the CCO, I crossed paths with many people that pushed me to go further. From supervisors and managers to peers, some of those conversations were difficult because they made me aware of things, I could do to improve myself both on and off the job. But I’m grateful because I would not be where I am today without it.

The best part of working my way up in the CCO is sharing my experiences with others and encouraging them. Many CSRs relate to me because I can say, “I’ve been in your shoes,” and understand the day-to-day challenges of being a CSR.

I love my being a senior manager! I love working with a diverse group of people, from CSRs to support staff. We share ideas and processes to help the CCO grow.