Employee Spotlight - Christopher Akes

Christopher Akes
Senior HR Specialist

I began my career with the CCO in 2009 as a customer service representative (CSR) supporting the 1-800-Medicare Program. As a new CSR team member, I had never worked with insurance before, and I remember feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of information I had to learn to pass my final exam and certification. But I had great support and encouragement, and my trainers helped me overcome my own doubts and helped me succeed.

From that point on, I knew that working for Maximus was the place for me. As a CSR I enjoyed making a difference in people’s lives. My role as a CSR and helping people is what kept me motivated, to continue pushing every single day on every single phone call. You just never know when that call will come, but when it does, you never forget it.

I have met a lot of people along the way on my journey here, many of whom challenged me to do more. After working as a CSR, I moved up to become a supervisor, then acting manager, and transitioned over to the Human Resources Team, and became a senior HR specialist.

My time here with Maximus has been filled with many challenges, but what I have learned in my current role is the impact we have on our employees, and the lengths to which our HR team will go to help one employee. To us, each of you is our family away from our family. Our mission is simple: it is you.