Employee Spotlight - Lisa Veith

Using big-picture strategy to help drive growth

Pride, creativity, and growth-oriented are three words that Lisa Veith could use to describe her 11-year career with Maximus. While a lot has changed since she started with the company, one thing she said has not changed is the company's dedication to serving the U.S. government and its citizens.

Since Veith, who serves as senior vice president of New Market Strategy and Growth, started at Maximus, she has been a part of the leadership team that has seen the Federal division business expand from $80 million to $2.2 billion in revenue.

Throughout much of her career, her focus has been on building high-impact teams to develop new market expansion and growth, creating brand awareness and market influence to support new contract wins, expanded portfolio, and revenue growth.

"I am an optimist by nature, and I believe that there is a tremendous opportunity in the federal market for Maximus to make an impact," she said. "I try to always be looking for interesting and creative ways to shape new markets and to connect the dots to new opportunities for Maximus to do business because I think it's a great company to bring to the market."

Today more than ever, citizens' trust in the government is critically important, Veith added. Maximus continues to earn and build trust with its clients through great customer satisfaction scores.

“We impact people's lives and have a real role in helping move people forward," she said. "The focus on moving people forward is more than just a tagline and it doesn't stop at helping individuals."

Small business partnerships are another area of growth Veith is happy to support. Veith sees these as a business differentiator and Maximus’ Federal division small business team has grown a network of more than 500 diverse socioeconomic small business partners.

"These current and future partnerships are important because they can bring a different set of ideas, capabilities, and customer knowledge that we may not have," she said.

Maximus has also formed small business joint ventures with several small companies. By combining the organization's different skillsets, these entities can compete for small business set aside work and can be differentiated to help position and win new contracts with government agencies.

Partnerships with small businesses have proven to be symbiotic, providing growth and mentorship from Maximus to the small businesses, including those that are veteran- and women-owned, employ people with disabilities, and 8(a) diversity/disadvantaged businesses.

In addition to managing business partnerships, Veith is responsible for new market identification, shaping and expanding Maximus' presence, and developing future new market strategies and growth portfolios. She works with consultants, industry organizations and strategic partners to help identify future markets for Maximus' Federal division.

Some strategic future growth initiatives include supply chain, citizen journey and customer experience, the future of federal health, technology modernization, and energy and critical infrastructure.

"Maximus has a clear commitment to delivering a better customer experience and providing trusted support to our clients and the citizens we serve," Veith said. "Every day, I work with and am part of a team of great colleagues and employees. For me and my years in this industry, that is what makes the difference. At Maximus to be a part of a committed team supporting future growth and new markets.

Veith earned professional recognition in 2018 when she earned the Service to Citizen Award in the Industry Executive category.

"It was the first year for these and to receive recognition for the work I have done in my career, working in great teams, and to represent Maximus in our industry was a true honor," she said.

Veith said a personal goal is to do work that helps impact others. Her father and sister are both veterans, her mother and father-in-law were life-long civil servants, and her husband was a first responder and was at the Pentagon on 9/11. She started her career on Capitol Hill working to support the citizens, veterans, and the elderly population in the state of Florida. She appreciates the work Maximus does to help government agencies support the public.

"I come from a family of service, so to work for a company that helps move missions and people forward with the work we do is both a personal and professional mission for me," she said.

Maximus' mission and vision, along with its focus on customer service, are what drive Veith daily.

"I think that's a huge part of why people join Maximus and what keeps people here," she said.

Outside of work, Veith enjoys reading, cooking, visiting Chesapeake Bay, and traveling with her husband and two dogs. She also loves spending time with her two children and three grandchildren.