Employee Spotlight - Patricia Ruiz

Patricia Ruiz
Recruiting Specialist

I joined the contact center operations (CCO) in 2016. Maximus impacted my professional development experience in many ways. During my initial start with the CCO as a customer service representative (CSR), I observed my leadership team, their rapport with other CSRs, and their ability to work in such a fast-paced environment. This motivated me. I wanted to grow and be part of the leadership team.

I went from CSR to supervisor in 2018, this leadership role gave me the opportunity to work with a team of my own and allowed me to learn the skills and strategies needed to successfully lead a team. As a supervisor, I developed organizational skills, presentation skills, and effective communication. I also learned to keep myself open to any opportunities available internally. During this journey, I also understood that you must have the desire to learn, the desire to work hard, and persevere to grow in your career.

My most recent achievement was joining the recruiting team. While hard work and constant efforts may be difficult sometimes, I believe that it all pays off.

There are plenty of strategies to aim for professional development and growth with Maximus, but a clear vision of your personal and professional goals will be the key to your success!