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Grant Management

Pre- and post-award services to enhance sponsored projects

Our services include transitional staff operations support, organizational review, business process review, and compliance risk assessments which can help leadership understand the organization’s service weaknesses and risk.

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Maximus can assist you with a qualitative and quantitative assessment of your organization’s sponsored program enterprise, plans for strategic expansion, and capacity enhancement.

We'll help you:

  • Maximize your research, service, and education funding potential
  • Manage service centers, support expansion, and eliminate barriers to research
  • Identify and recommend a staffing model to ensure you have balanced resources to help you improve competitiveness and reduce risk
  • Improve your organization risk position
  • Staff your organization with transitional resources for operational support
  • Assist in the appropriate staff training to improve effectiveness and reduce turnover
  • Respond to audit inquiries

Our services include:

  • Policies and Procedure Compliance Review
  • Policy and Procedure Development / Update (update existing policies and SOPs and create new ones where needed)
  • Business Process Review and Improvement
  • Organizational Review and Change Management (review of the structure, goal alignment, technology, staffing levels, staff training, and business processes)
  • Transition Staffing (we provide resources to assist with all facets of Pre and Post Award operations i.e. organization management and leadership,  proposal development, award management, billing/invoicing, project closeout, reporting, financial management, etc.)
  • Effort Reporting Compliance and Solution
  • Live Training Solutions for Research and Sponsored Programs
  • Service Center Reviews
  • Tech Transfer and Patents, Export Control, IRB, IACUC Review (review of organization, staffing, policies, and procedures)